TWC viewers should rescan channels

Posted June 6, 2013

Time Warner Customers: Have recent changes at Time Warner Cable made it more difficult to watch WRAL or FOX50?

In a recent technical modification, Time Warner Cable made engineering changes that may have impacted some households in our viewing area.

If you have a TV with a QAM tuner (the cable runs straight into the TV without going through a cable box), and you lost the ability to watch 5.1, 5.2, 50.1 and 50.2, please perform a complete channel rescan.  You can force a rescan by unplugging your TV for 10 seconds then plugging it back in.

Once that is complete, those stations should return. If not, you will most likely need a service call from Time Warner.

Whether you have a cable box or not, you may have noticed some stations experiencing more frequent breakup on the screen (pixilating). That too is a side effect of the change and may also require a service call from a Time Warner representative.

If you are experiencing either of these problems, please contact Time Warner customer service at 866-489-2669 and a representative will assist you.


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