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Turnpike Authority Considers More Toll Roads for N.C.

Posted June 20, 2007

— The state agency that is trying to bring toll roads to North Carolina talked about its list of potentials Wednesday.

The North Carolina Turnpike Authority looked over pay-to-drive proposals for Interstate 74 in Brunswick County, the Cape Fear Skyway and the Yadkin River Bridge.

No final decisions were made.

The authority's top proposal could bring a toll road to the Research Triangle Park.


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  • FunToday Jun 21, 2007

    Unless there is an emergency I will not drive on a toll road in my own city. That means businesses that are located enroute with a toll road will not be a place at which I spend money. Also, by avoiding toll roads I will be using more gas and causing more harm to the environment. I would rather have a tax increase.Toll roads made sense a century or more ago but all they do now is waste time and money.

  • TheLogicalOne Jun 21, 2007

    Turnpike Authority - now there's an oxymoron. Soon this state will be like Jersey, where if you even think about driving on a highway, you pay a toll.

    What is the Highway Use Tax for anyway? Maybe if they did not have to repave roads twice (i.e. in Durham). There would be plenty of money to go around.

  • Slip Kid Jun 21, 2007

    More thoughts...

    Not just taxes (ANY money that goes to a government is a tax), but fees for developing road expansion near growth areas are needed.

    That, and just build fewer roads (get over the traffic woes). There are an awful lot of nice wide roads in places that just don't need them, what a waste.

  • Slip Kid Jun 21, 2007

    "Is this all our politician's can do? Every time you turn around they are either wanting tax hikes, property tax hikes, bonds, and tolls. When is it going too stop!" - nunya

    The taxing ways of politiicians will only stop when the liberal minded 'spread the wealth' population stops expecting government to provide every little thing they 'need'. America was founded with individual spirit and taking advantage of opportunity. The land of OPPORTUNITY is fast becoming the land of GUARENTEES (entitlement).

    When will people learn that the government can't GIVE what it does not first TAKE AWAY.

    Roads are a good common expense for government to manage, but taxes need to come from businesses, too!

  • drh3102 Jun 21, 2007

    Sounds like we need to elect people into office that will represent the command men and women in North Carolina and not try to find new ways to stuff more money in their fat pockets. At some point and time we are going to have to say this is enough and start doing what we have to do in order to protect the working people in the state of North Carolina.

  • nunya Jun 21, 2007

    Is this all our politician's can do? Every time you turn around they are either wanting tax hikes, property tax hikes, bonds, and tolls. When is it going too stop!

  • gopanthers Jun 21, 2007

    Why don't they toll I-95. Millions of out of state cars use it every year. Just don't toll N.C. Plates. Don't other states like New Jersey toll I-95 (Jersy Turn Pike)?????

  • gopanthers Jun 21, 2007

    Yadkin River Bridge on Interstate 40? If so, LOL now I've heard everything. Lets face it that Bridge is no Golden Gate!

  • Tax Man Jun 21, 2007

    Old Pirate - It is true that people buy their gas in the other states to avoid our high gas taxes and high gas prices. But they cannot drive around NC to save the tolls if we just made every entry and exit from NC a toll road for everyone who does not have NC plates - passenger cars, commercial vehicles - even police cars! They want to use our roads but do not pay for them - so lets collect from everyone entering and leaving NC on every road if they do not have NC plates - NC registered vehicles would be exempt from all tolls.

  • goobnav Jun 21, 2007

    What about Smart start, the Golbal Transpork, the Sail celebration in Morehead last year, Mr. Black's salary for all years he was in office not serving the people of Charlotte, the budget is put together by a bunch of lawyers with no consultation with a even a CPA to see they are overspending based on false incoming revenues, in other words, there spending what they don't have. Don't fool yourself into believing NC has an honest government, Easley proved that with the Nifong appointment.