Tuition increases on the way for state universities

Posted November 16, 2012

— Students of at least three state universities will likely pay more for their education after trustees this week approved tuition increases set to begin next fall.

The Board of Trustees at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke both approved hikes on Friday.

N.C. State undergraduates paying in-state tuition will likely pay 5.1 percent, or $290, more next year, while in-state tuition for graduate students will go up 4.2 percent, or about $290.

Undergraduates at UNC-Pembroke will pay 6.6 percent more, or $199, and $88 more in fees.

On Thursday, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees approved a 10.3 percent increase, or $600, for in-state tuition for undergraduates and a 6.1 percent, or $1,630, increase for in-state graduates. Also approved was a 2.5 percent increase in fees – $46.79 for undergraduates and $46.61 for graduates.

The proposed campus tuition and fee increases still require approval from the University of North Carolina system and the General Assembly.


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  • btneast Nov 19, 2012

    There are certainly a number of other programs that are wasteful that can be trimmed or eliminated

    Boy, what an understatement. Welcome to the real world Charles. Keep that thought in mind as you cast your ballots in the future.......but also hang onto the reality that costs are ALWAYS going up. It's unrealistic to expect no cost increase.

  • carrboroyouth Nov 19, 2012

    haleibc, tuition has gone up every year regardless of who is President...

  • charlesboyer Nov 16, 2012

    The state says it values jobs and education, and the time has come for it to put its money where its mouth is and give some relief to university students. There are certainly a number of other programs that are wasteful that can be trimmed or eliminated. Our future should not be one.

  • haleibc Nov 16, 2012

    Now where are all those dancing and yelling to the TV cameras they voted their first time for their buddy obama. Isn't life great. Now you can pay.