Tuesday Wrap: What we've got here is failure to communicate

Posted July 22, 2014
Updated July 23, 2014

— Senate leaders met privately with Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday morning to discuss their stances on Medicaid reform, teacher pay and teaching assistants, but they made no headway on a budget deal.

McCrory still hews more closely to House positions on all three areas, but the House hasn't met with the Senate since early last week to negotiate a compromise spending plan.

The Senate was prepared to move forward Tuesday afternoon with its Medicaid proposal to shift the health insurance program for the poor and disabled to a new state agency and use insurers to control costs. But the bill was pulled off the Senate calendar at the last minute for some adjustments Wednesday in the Senate Rules Committee.

The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill that caps local sales tax rates at 2.5 percent. The proposal could hamper efforts in Wake and Mecklenburg counties to implement a quarter-cent tax increase to boost teacher pay. Mecklenburg County is already at the 2.5 percent cap, and Wake County has an agreement with Durham and Orange counties to put a half-cent sales tax proposal for regional transit before voters, which, if approved, would put it at the cap as well.


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  • Daryl Hales Jul 23, 2014
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    Maybe the folks in Raleigh should only get paid when issues are settled. No day to day Per Diem's, no paid lunches, no car allowances, no money period. They should only get a set amount a month, no matter how long they have to be in Raleigh. This idea, might make them more accountable and speed up the process. It seems they only want to drag things out.

  • Forthe Newssite Jul 23, 2014
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    What we HAVE here are a bunch of babies!!!

  • Roy Pine Jul 23, 2014
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    Seriously? You're going to try and blame Democrats when Republicans have a total lock on power in the legislature and the governor's mansion?

    See, the thing is...when you have one-party rule, you have no one else to blame when you fail.

  • uBnice Jul 23, 2014

    Just one more disappoint in the long list of disappointments by our big-government, Republican legislators. They simply do not know how to govern for the people, all the people.