Tuesday Wrap: Moral Monday protesters silent no more

Posted May 27, 2014

With no legislative business on Monday due to Memorial Day, Moral Monday protesters were back at the legislature on Tuesday, this time staging a sit-in inside Speaker of the House Thom Tillis' office.

In non-Moral Monday news, the tax bill cleared a Senate committee and a bill amendment cleared by a Senate committee leaves the start date open-ended for fracking in North Carolina.


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  • chris42m May 28, 2014

    This is the problem as I see it: Where is all of the money allocated toeducation going if Teachers are not getting paid? If you look at the Office of the State comptroller's website (http://www.osc.nc.gov/) , you will see that 56% of the state's General Fund went to education. Do you realize that is twice as much as went to all of HHS? Do you realize that it is almost 6 times as much as what went to Public Safety and Corrections? If teachers are not getting paid, then where is last month's $1.04 Billion going? And BTW, that 1.04 Billion does not count the lottery monies, the monies given by the counties, and the monies from grants.

    The well is only so deep. What do you want to give up? But, more importantly, where is all the money going?

  • iron fist May 28, 2014

    NC needs change but I don't think Moral Monday's is going to get the results they want. People have to vote intelligently. Don't vote straight tickets. Vote for the individual best qualified for the position .

  • goldenosprey May 28, 2014

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    So, teachers make 12.5 K more in Florida...Do you not see that as a problem if you have kids you want educated in NC? It's not a problem of "greedy" teachers complaining, this affects the quality of education available and thus, job opportunities in the state. Just because your kid folded up tents easily does not mean my kids don't need a quality education. Furthermore, you do not know these protesters, you make an uninformed assumption. Many of them are retirees who worked hard and still care about their community, rather than just themselves.

    20 years ago the Dems were not suppressing votes, raising taxes disproportionately on working families, kicking people off medicaid, never adjusting state worker salaries, establishing state religions, getting between a woman and her doctor, inviting gas companies to turn our groundwater into toxic stew and so forth.

  • bmac813 May 28, 2014

    Teachers Complaining about their Wages.
    Like I said before, My daughter Graduated from ECU in 1998 and went to Florida because there She MADE $12,500 A YEAR MORE THAN HERE IN N.C
    taught there for 14 years and didn't like what was going on and how things were run so she Stepped Down and Became a Police Officer.
    No one there to hold her hand, taught her self Reliance.
    She called me one time and Thanked me for showing her that HARD WORK only Helps and doesn't hurt.
    A Lot of theses protesters don't know how to defend for themselves. All they know is Give me Give me..
    I still Want to Know where Barber was in The Last 20 year when we had a Democrat Governor,, House and Senate?

  • Kevin O'Donnell May 28, 2014
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    Highly disappointed that folks have to stoop to such low tactics simply because they don't like the party in control. Where were these protesters in all the years the Dems were in power??