Tuesday wrap: House moves contentious voucher bill

Posted May 28, 2013
Updated May 29, 2013

Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie and reporter Mark Binker review the day on Jones Street, including House committee approval of a bill to give publicly funded scholarships to low income students attending private schools. They also look ahead to Wednesday's action, which includes a House floor vote on the Dorothea Dix bill.

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  • vrobinson2 May 30, 2013

    The AP story said that HB 944 has bipartisan support but only quoted a Republican who is opposed to poor children getting out of failing public schools. The Democrat member of the House Education Committee who supported the bill is none other than Marcus Brandon, the black Vice Chairman of that Committee.

  • Squirreling Dervish May 29, 2013

    i guess those individuals paying for private school for their kids are SUCKERSSSSS

  • 68_dodge_polara May 29, 2013

    Living in Durham I can tell that these charter schools are the only hope we have of our children to get any kind of education at all.

  • Krimson May 28, 2013

    Tax-Payer subsidy for Private Industry...

    Somehow its not OK to take tax-payer money and give it to poor people for Pre-K, but its OK to take tax-payer money and give it to poor people to attend Private Schools???

    What's to stop Private Schools from raising their tuition exactly $4200???