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TSA finds loaded pistol in man's carry-on at RDU

Posted May 29, 2013
Updated May 30, 2013

— A Tennessee man was charged Wednesday with possessing or concealing a weapon after security personnel at Raleigh-Durham International Airport found a loaded pistol in his carry-on bag.

Collin Byrd, 45, of Franklin, Tenn., was booked on a flight through Charlotte to Nashville. A TSA agent spotted the gun in his bag when it passed through the X-ray machine and called police.

Police say Byrd admitted to having the gun in his bag and went quietly with police.


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  • Glock Ranger May 31, 2013

    Don't take me wrong. I never said it was a good mistake. It's not. But, come on, all of y'all who are judging this man, and others like him, do you buy your pencils with, or without, erasers. Some of you can't spell "gun", and you won't use spell check, either. I guess that's because you are perfect. In fact, you're so perfect that you don't even use the backspace button on your computer. They are stupid mistakes.

    Not intending to relieve this guy of responsibility, and he "went quietly with the police", but, yes, people leave dogs, kids, ice cream and lots of other things in hot cars all the time.

    As I read the Book, we will not be judged for our mistakes, but for our unforgiving, self-righteous attitudes. Who here, has not lost track of something while trying to juggle kids, transportation, tickets, baggage, etc. under the stress of travelling with the family?

    I'm sure he was not trying to board the aircraft with the gun. Mistakes are only stupid if you repeat them.

  • Kaitlyn May 30, 2013

    "In fact, you can put one, completely loaded, in a shirt pocket and forget it's there!"

    I'm sure. And its also easy to "forget" you left a newborn baby in your hot car in the summer because they are so small and such.

  • Relic May 30, 2013

    Glock Ranger - Honest mistakes are still stupid.

  • junkmail5 May 30, 2013

    He doesn't look very stable and I don't believe this man should be carrying any type of gun.
    Obamacare for life

    and I don't believe anyone who thinks like that should be in charge of any decision making of any kind.

    It's it great we can all believe things?

  • LastSon1981 May 30, 2013

    Anyone who forgets they have a gun anywhere on them no matter the size is the difference between someone being trained to use a fire arm and someone's daddy taught them how to shoot. The latter has Washington in a uproar unfortunately the NRA defends the 2nd amendments rights of all citizens so its really just my opinion when I say you shouldn't carry a firearm because you are prone to do dumb things.

  • Obamacare for life May 30, 2013

    He doesn't look very stable and I don't believe this man should be carrying any type of gun.

  • Glock Ranger May 30, 2013

    If you look at WTVD's website you can see a picture of the gun. It's a Ruger LCP-380 complete with 7 rounds and a holster. These are the "any gun is better than no gun" guns. They are fine LITTLE guns. Short, nearly non-existant sights, necessitating the need for the laser. VERY small, and light and easy to "forget". In fact, you can put one, completely loaded, in a shirt pocket and forget it's there!

    This guy has a Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit which is recognized in North Carolina, but that doesn't cover you when attempting to enter the secure zone of the airport. They charged him with misdemeanor and released him on bond.

    It definitely appears to be an honest mistake.

  • gadgetry May 30, 2013

    There is probably a million to one odds against a gun being on a plane... so that makes it a million times a million or a trillion to one against two guns being on a plane.

    So it only makes sense to carry a gun on a plane to improve your odds - right?

    (apologies to Benny Hill for ripping off his joke)

  • Glock Ranger May 30, 2013

    That's true, bombayrunner. I have carried at RDU, and other airports, an UNLOADED firearm, properly and legally secured in my checked luggage. However, this guy was carrying a LOADED handgun in his CARRY ON luggage!

    As usual, there are a lot of details left out of this story. As far as him looking strange...How would you look, SFSOLDIER, if you had just been caught doing something this stupid?

  • LastSon1981 May 30, 2013

    Honest mistakes get car owners killed, honest mistakes get tractor owners killed, honest mistakes get bus riders killed, honest mistakes get pill takers killed, etc. yet we aren't trying to ban any of those things. Fact is, as I said before, stop training and condoning ignorance and many things that shouldn't be happening in this world wouldn't be happening in this world.


    A fire are is made to kill, not tickle or even marginally harm. Cars tractors and pills are meant to make life better. So I would say a mistake is more likely with those things you get complacent bad things happen. NO ONE NOT EVEN YOU should ever get complacent with a gun. If that's in your character you shouldn't be allowed to own one. People like you are the reason they want more laws now. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A HONEST OR SIMPLE MISTAKES WHEN IT COMES TO FIRE ARMS. There should be no mistakes when you are carrying an instrument of death.