Trump: 'Immigration security is national security'

Posted September 20, 2016

— In the wake of weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump focused his message on national security during a brief appearance Tuesday at High Point University.

Trump blamed the attacks, as well as one at a Minnesota mall, on Islamic terrorists who slipped through what he called a lax immigration screening process, and he renewed his call for a temporary suspension of immigration from some nations until "extreme vetting" can be put in place.

"Immigration security is national security," he told the cheering crowd. "We want to make sure we're only admitting people into our country who love our country."

"Since 911, hundreds of immigrants and their children have been implicated in terrorist-related activity within the United States," Trump said.

Trump criticized Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for what he said is "the most open borders policy" of any presidential candidate, including the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. and allowing immigrants charged with violent crimes to stay in the U.S. if their native countries don't take them back.

"Hillary Clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about Islamic terrorists," he said. "Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country."

Clinton is "responsible for the rise of ISIS" because of her policies and decisions as secretary of state, Trump said, adding that she only tries to distract from her "record of total failure" by calling his rhetoric a recruiting tool for Islamic State and other militant groups.

"Because I'm tough, it's a recruiting tool?" he said. "That demonstrates a level of ignorance about the terror threat that really is disqualifying for a person seeking the presidency."

He also blasted the Obama administration for accidentally granting citizenship to more than 800 immigrants who had been flagged as potential risks.

"They were supposed to be deported and they were given citizenship. Welcome to America," he said sarcastically as chants of "Build the wall" arose from the crowd. "Oh, we're gonna build a wall. We're gonna build...and Mexico's gonna pay for it."

The tough talk on immigrants played well with the crowd in High Point.

"We don't know who's coming over. We don't need to have those threats in our own land," Pat Fischer said.

Sherry Watford said she's absolutely opposed to allowing in any more immigrants or refugees right now.

"We have got to take care of the American people," Watford said. "We have veterans. We have elderly. We have young children whose mothers and fathers are off at war right now. We need to make sure these people are taken care of."

Trump also said Clinton's record as secretary of state has ruined the U.S. economy, leading companies to shift operations overseas and leaving the nation with a massive deficit.

"It's time to break with the corruption, the bad judgment and the failures of the past," he said. "It's time to have a new American future."

The Clinton campaign responded by noting much of Trump's manufacturing is done overseas rather than in the U.S.

Later Tuesday, Trump made a campaign stop in Kenansville at the Duplin County Events Center, commonly a locale for agricultural shows and festivals, and promised the economically struggling region that his policies would create thousands of jobs.

"We can't continue to be the suckers that allow thousands of companies, millions of jobs to be lost by moving their manufacturing plants and factories to other countries," he said. "I'll be the greatest jobs president that God ever created."

Clinton, he said, is too beholden to special interests to push for changes to boost the economy.

"She represents everyone responsible for the decades-long squeezing of the middle class," he said. "Hillary Clinton is the chief emissary of globalism, and I'm not running to be president of the world. I'm running to be president of the United States."


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  • Terry Lightfoot Sep 21, 1:07 p.m.
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    "slipped through a lax screening process" ?
    Rahami was American citizen
    Dahir Adan came to America at age two
    Omar Mateen was American citizen
    How does the immigrant screening process apply to them?

  • Pete Muller Sep 21, 12:17 p.m.
    user avatar

    That is the problem with many Trump supporters. They want to believe something simple, a sound bite, a tweet, even when facts point into a completely different direction. But it is the 21st century. The times when we lived following believes were dark times. Let's not go back to that.

  • Dan Wilder Sep 21, 12:06 p.m.
    user avatar

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    OK ...I have had my say and so have you , You want them in, I don't... simple as that. I must move on to other things. Enjoyed the banter. Have a great day..

  • Pete Muller Sep 21, 11:48 a.m.
    user avatar

    Mr. Wilder. Nobody wants to let them all in. Surely not Hillary Clinton. I don't know where you got that from. The vetting process has been working well for decades. Sure, it is a good time to improve on it. But that is all there is to do. The Trumpster wants to sell a vetting process as his new brilliant idea. Bogus. It is 30 years old. He is 30 years behind the time. Do you really believe a multi year long vetting process is a viable way for a terrorist to wait out in order to commit terrorist attack? About 50% of applicants get rejected. Terrorists are not that stupid. There are many ways to enter the country. Remember, the 9/11 attackers were here on a student visa.

  • Dan Wilder Sep 21, 11:35 a.m.
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    OK went to White House website on Vetting refugees. looked Impressive but was actually pretty bogus. It appeared to me that almost all of the processes would be ineffectual in validating refugees from a country that we had zero access to. what good is fingerprinting somebody and checking FBI CIA and Homeland security records on a person from some obscure village no one has ever heard of with no governing body in place. What are you going to check the finger prints against, Yes known terrorist but known terrorist probably only represents 1% of actual terrorist and sympathizers. Basically from beginning to end it is simply asking the refugees questions and taking it for granted that they are telling the truth because there is no real way to validate if they are telling the truth. But go ahead...let them all in without question...Ask Angela Merkel how that worked out for her. Ask the people of Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and others in Europe how it's working out for them.

  • Dan Wilder Sep 21, 10:40 a.m.
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    It is difficult to vet people from a country that is engaged in a war which we are participating in and have no diplomatic relations with. I will study the white house website although I don't trust anything on face value coming from the current Administration. Obama seems to have an agenda in bringing in large amounts of Muslims into the country for what purpose I don't know, but as shown in Europe, they don't seem to want to assimilate into the host countries culture and because in many cases the refugee culture has come into direct and at times violent conflict with those of the host country. Based on this I see no particular reason to chance letting them in a large numbers. We don't have anything in particular to gain but much to loose. Exercising some prudence seems reasonable to me.

  • Pete Muller Sep 21, 10:03 a.m.
    user avatar

    Mr. Wilder. I don't work in that field. Again, best is you get information from the White House website as a start. Just google White House refugee vetting. BTW, immigration security is not national security. Look at the numbers: Since 9/11 there have been a little over 100 fatalities in the US linked to terrorism. While each of those fatalities is tragic and we should work to reduce the numbers in the future, at the same time we had over 250 000 murders in our country. At the same time we had an estimated 600 000 people dying in hospitals by bacterial infection. This is where the meat is. Of course, it is harder to spin some tough guy talk around that.

  • Dan Wilder Sep 21, 9:38 a.m.
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    Ok how do you vet people from Syria and other places that have no governmental structure or archive data available to do background checks. How do you check the records of people from a village that you have no access to or functioning governmental body to request data from?

  • Pete Muller Sep 21, 9:00 a.m.
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    Mr. Wilder, please open yourself up to facts. There has been an extensive vetting process in place for decades. It takes years for a refugee to set a foot on US soil. It takes even longer for refugees from Syria. Check the White House website yourself. I know, the birther is trying to peddle the vetting process as his idea. Don't fall for this nonsense.

  • Dan Wilder Sep 21, 8:11 a.m.
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    Thank you I am somewhat adorable if I do say so myself. That observation of course makes you brilliant.....you see... I can give credit where it is due...