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Truck Hits Wake Bus; 5 Students Receive Minor Injuries

Posted October 3, 2007

School Bus

— Five Wake County high school students were taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after a dump truck hit the back of a school bus at N.C. 55 and Carpenter Fire Station Road.

The accident was reported just after 7 a.m. The truck hit the back of Bus No. 193, which had 22 students on it bound for Panther Creek High School, said Wake County schools spokesman Bill Poston.

The injured students were taken to WakeMed Cary Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. All have been released from the hospital.

The Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.


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  • Harrison Bergeron Oct 3, 2007

    "I'm also not sure how one blames schools for this accident, and completely unsure as to when kids should go to school, if not during "rush hour". -timbo

    timbo, it's quite simple actually. Probability of getting in an accident is proportional to miles traveled. The School system needlessly endangers our children by making them log unnecessary miles for the sake of "busing".

  • Timbo Oct 3, 2007

    Race is not pertinent this issue; unsafe driving is.

    I'm also not sure how one blames schools for this accident, and completely unsure as to when kids should go to school, if not during "rush hour".

  • PikeMom Oct 3, 2007

    "some people" means just that.Why do you make everything ABOUT YOU? Are we no longer allowed to say "some" It's not your world.It's is everyone's.If you will take the time to read I said government funding.I don't think that implies your race in particular,but then again you have a way of making your color an issue.
    Some parents do program kids to take advantage,look around.Where you see 1 you see 2.

  • fyiarp Oct 3, 2007

    When some people can make ANYTHING into a race issue, without even knowing the races of those involved, that's a pretty clear statement about that individual. Here's a simplified example: "Some people started looting during the riot." response: "I can just about guess the one's who did that."

  • oneday8035 Oct 3, 2007

    Sorry Geisha, I was not being sarcastic at all. I was truly surprised that anyone would have made this into a racial issue and clarifying the fact that I agreed with them without understanding their true meaning.

  • corkyqh Oct 3, 2007

    Some of you are ignorant on the injury issue and shouldn't assume that they are faking. Yes, there can be neck/back pain felt very soon after impact. My husband was rear-ended 2 1/2 yrs ago and started feeling it within 20 min. - I had to make him go to the doctor the next day to be checked out. After many months of different doctors and treatments, it was finally found that he had a herniated cervical disc.

    As far as which bus, it was the new route 18 which had been split off of route 7 that was too large - it picks up students in Apex in the Olive Chapel Rd. area. Another pet peeve about reassignment and how far these kids have to ride in the bus when Apex High is so close! grrrrrr
    Good thing it wasn't when it was still all one bus with 3 kids to a seat and over packed - could have been more injuries.

  • skinnycow Oct 3, 2007

    Oneday are you being sarcastic or funny? I cant tell. I, for one, never thought or implied that you had a simple mind. I stated a GOLO fact about a poster and the intent of her post, if I have offended then, I can live with that. I will agree to disagree with you. It seems like we have two differ opinions on this topic. Have a great day!

  • T-Man Oct 3, 2007

    For those who are saying that the kids must be making up their injuries: Are you kidding, they were hit by a DUMP TRUCK!! I could understand these comments if the bus was rear-ended by a Civic, but a dump truck is huge, and they go WAY too fast on 55. Add to that the fact that there are no seatbelts, and kids can move around or be in the aisle, and there is huge potential for injury. The truck put a pretty good dent in the back of the bus, and that is not an easy thing to do. Nobody knows the license plate of the dump truck because they don't have them. And the wreck caused traffic problems until 9 because the bus was sitting in the middle of the road - taking up both lanes.

    Glad everyone is ok.


  • oneday8035 Oct 3, 2007

    Thanks Geisha. I guess my simple mind failed to understand how this could be made into a racial issue. Wow...that was a reach.

  • abbync2001 Oct 3, 2007

    Today is National Walk to School Day...