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Troopers: Truck hits group of cyclists, speeds off

Posted November 8, 2011

— Bikers out for a Sunday morning ride in Chatham County this weekend say they got a scare from a pickup truck that came from behind and veered into the group.

Two cyclists were hit on Martha's Chapel Road off N.C. Highway 751 hard enough to rip the right-side mirror from the truck, but they suffered only a few cuts and bruises. 

State troopers say the driver of the truck sped off after hitting the cyclists, and they're asking anyone who has seen a white or silver Toyota pickup with a missing right-side mirror to call authorities.

Larry Wheeler was in the group of 30 bikers. He said he wishes drivers would be more respectful and willing to share the road.

"Everybody's in a rush. Everybody thinks they can squeeze by," he said. "Sometimes they can't, and people who are going to suffer are cyclists on the road because they could get severely hurt, paralyzed or killed."


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  • graybeamer Nov 14, 2011

    I pay for insurance on my vehicle, I have drivers license provided by the state that states that I have met their requirements to drive on a road, I pay for a license tag to the state for my vehicle, I pay a gas tax used to maintain the roads I drive on. The unlicensed/uninsured "moped" type vehicles although cost effective are a nusiance and dangerous to all around. Cyclists single file on the right side of the road is tolerable...however, they are a liability to themselves and others very frequently when they are in masses. Not to mention...uninsured and rarely adhering to the laws of the roads..certainly in heavily trafficked areas. Sorry bike riders...you seem to want to have it both ways. I am sorry that anyone was injured in this and any unneccesary mishaps.

  • LocalYokel Nov 11, 2011

    death penalty seems harsh for delaying a driver by a couple minutes doesn't it?

  • cycleninja Nov 10, 2011

    All you "motorist" hating on bikers are almost as bad as the administration at Penn State. You are turning a blind eye on someone to kill others to meet your own needs. You are just enabling someone to kill a biker. Yeah we take up too much room and dont obey all traffic laws, but really, applauding someone for hitting us with a vehicle? really? there are inconviences to everyone in so many areas of life but you want to complain about sharing the road with us. Get a life.

  • lmwel Nov 10, 2011

    BTW...Some of us race. The races are held on roads. Should we really do our training on sidewalks, in parking lots, or best of all, get a mountain bike and train in the woods for a road race? Don't answer. I can't take the ignorance. I will concede that some cyclists would be wise to try to avoid cycling on busy roads during "rush hour" for their own safety, not to save drivers the aggravation of having to pass them. I do. But Sunday Morning...come on.

  • lmwel Nov 10, 2011

    I feel like I have a unique perspective on this subject. I am a fairly new and yet avid cyclist. I am also the poster child for road rage as a driver.
    I get Furious anytime a vehicle that can maintain a decent speed on the roadway doesn't. I don't however, become enraged at farmers on tractors, commuters on scooters, pickups towing campers, dump trucks delivering mulch, or cyclists. They;We are doing our best.
    Cyclists are misunderstood. I know a lot of cyclists. I can't think of one that is arrogant about cycling or cyclists rights. The reason, for the most part, cyclists occupy an entire lane on a curvy, blind, or hilly road is to prevent drivers from making dangerous passes and endangering their lives, not to prove they have rights or make drivers angry. According to experts, that is the safest way to ride on the road.
    As far as riding somewhere else...they're called "Road Bikes". Look it up. You obviously have a computer.

  • princessnise Nov 9, 2011

    Amazing how valuable motorists' time must be if they can't wait 30 seconds to pass a cyclist properly. Yes, you are that important - NOT.

  • acarta15 Nov 9, 2011

    I am a cyclist, mountain biker, and a runner, but I also drive quite often and share both sides of points of views.

    It doesn’t matter if cyclists are ever mandated to pay extra taxes for their bike use on the roads; there will always be a sense of hatred for them. I have witness several times motorists passing a single cyclist on the right side of road and throwing trash or a full can of soft drink to them. Not cool!

    For those that think that all cyclists are arrogant and just want to hug the road for them selves, there is another side to that story as well. As a cyclist in a large group, I’ve personally have seen the danger when there’s a car behind trying to pass. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the riders in the rear will start yelling “CAR BACK” or “CAR PASSING” meaning let’s try to hold the 2 pace lines as close and as safe as possible to the right so that the car/s can pass safely. However, it does take time for the message to reach the front

  • Humm Nov 9, 2011

    "The bicyclists should be required to have registered tags so that the ones breaking the law can be reported." -sidecutter

    I bet the truck that assaulted had is registered and has a tag... That said it does not appear to have helped the victims report him.

  • marcpjones Nov 9, 2011

    I ride a bicycle, and also drive a car. I pay taxes, actually on two vehicles, one for work and one for other use. I understand the frustration that can be caused when slower traffic is creating a backup, but I will say this, I have had more problems with drivers on cell phones traveling erratically, speeding up and slowing down, pulling out of side roads without stopping, lane changes with no signal and sudden braking than I have had with cyclists whether as a group or solo.

    And for the comments of cyclists not pulling over to let a car pass, I have yet to see a slower car pull over to let others pass, why should cyclists?

  • McBiz Nov 9, 2011

    Most of the cyclists I come across seem to intentionally take up as much of the road as they can. There's a road right near my house that has a dedicated bike lane and just about every time I see a rider on it, they're not staying within the marked lanes. It's much worse when they ride in big groups - almost like they're shoving it in your face. I'm all for sharing the road, but cyclists need to realize that doesn't just go for the people driving cars.