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Troopers hailed for life-saving efforts after head-on crash

Posted August 10, 2011

— Two Highway Patrol troopers were hailed as heroes Wednesday after they cared for drivers involved in a head-on collision near Whiteville.

Troopers Kevin Conner and Scott Floyd were trying to stop a vehicle heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of U.S. Highway 74 on Monday morning when the vehicle crashed into a westbound vehicle, authorities said.

The troopers called for paramedics and began providing first aid to the drivers, who were both pinned in their vehicles, authorities said.

A fire erupted in one vehicle, and Conner grabbed an extinguisher from his patrol car and twice put down the flames while also attending to the driver, authorities said.

Both drivers were airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington for treatment. The Highway Patrol didn't release their names or conditions, but authorities said the quick thinking of the troopers saved their lives.


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  • ProudBlackSingleMother Aug 11, 2011

    ForTheLoveOf... are you one of those bad egg LEOs with an ego issue?

  • ForTheLoveOf Aug 10, 2011

    Gotta love the comments from the three who are ever-ready to point out any faults with LE. Sure, we are just "doing our jobs" and the recognition we get is when we "get our paychecks", but I don't see you volunteering to sign up as a LEO to be worked hard, very rarely appreciated, and with your life on the line constantly. Every time we step outside in our uniforms, we step outside with a giant target on our back, our home, and our families. Maybe you don't think we have much more risk than the average joe schmoe, but we are hated for just having a uniform. We are overly criticized for things that if you don't work this line of work, will never understand, and are expected to do our jobs all the same; usually while holding back what we really want to say to some people as they ridicule or treat us with horrible disrespect. So yes, when we do something that is out of the norm, and we get praise, we really, really appreciate it. Thank you, to these two troopers.

  • Tarheel born Aug 10, 2011

    Let's try this again....Troopers do a great job day in and day out. On Holidays, rain, sleet, snow, weekends. So those of you, at 2:45 pm, who think otherwise should consider that the next time you need a professional law enforcement officer for help.

    GREAT JOB TROOPERS!! Just another day at the office.....

  • CrewMax Aug 10, 2011

    Nice to hear a good story about these guys for a change.

  • armyLT0620 Aug 10, 2011

    To all those who ask why we should praise these guys for "just doing their jobs": why shouldn't we? All too often our SHP and local police catch nothing but hatred and negative press for "just doing their jobs". Why is it our society must point the finger when something bad happens, but can not stand to see something good? Let's not forget all of those officers who have given up so much to provide for our safety. I invite you to try and imagine what kind of lawlessness would insue without them. It's guys like these two Troopers, and stories like this that keep young men and women interested in becoming the next generation of law enforcement.

  • eoglane Aug 10, 2011

    Outstanding job. Great for them and a highlight for the NC Highway Partol. A few bad apples tarnished the partol. But we must look at the large number of troopers, compared to the bad apples. There are bad apples in every line of work. GO TROOPERS

  • SaltlifeLady Aug 10, 2011

    Great job by these guys! And yes, while they were doing their jobs I am not sure its in their description to jump into a burning vehicle and continue care. These guys are heroes. If it was your family member they saved, I am sure you would feel like they were!

  • cpdtg Aug 10, 2011

    you know everybody hates tickets but these guys will crawl in a burning wreck to save your life just as fast as they would give you a ticket GOD BLESS THESE GUYS

  • rachell15 Aug 10, 2011

    YAY! good story :)not often you can find one of those here...

  • reallypeoplenc Aug 10, 2011

    Great Job guys, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!