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Troopers arrest woman after chase in North Raleigh

Posted March 20, 2009

— State troopers arrested Amonda Latease Settles, 31, Friday morning after a chase that began on  U.S. Highway 401 in Franklin County and ended at a Raleigh apartment complex.

The pursuit began after Settles drove away from a license checkpoint and ended just after 11 a.m. at the Cedar Springs Apartments, 5500 Reunion Point Drive, according to Capt. Everett Clendenin. Troopers deployed stop sticks, forcing Settles to halt, Clendenin said.

Troopers charged Settles with attempting to elude arrest, driving with a revoked license and reckless driving.


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  • shortcake53 Mar 20, 2009

    I was on the road during all this commotion, Im just glad this idiot didnt hit anyone else. If you have nothing to hide, checkpoints shouldnt matter to you at all. If it were not for this checkpoint, this "young lady" would still be out driving around with the rest of us, so i say, check away! and she sure looks like her day sucked!! lol

  • ncst8man1999 Mar 20, 2009

    Silverwolf, first of all, I personally do not like checkpoints either. But a checkpoint is absolutely not a search, it is simply checking for a driver's license. It is not a detention. How do I know this? Because that little group of people in the Black Robes that serve a lifelong commitment to INTERPRET the US Constitution, also known as the US Supreme Court, says it is not. They tend to be the final authority when it comes to such things, whether we agree on it or not. They have been fairly reluctant to change that, regardless of the makeup of the court, conservative or liberal, because in their opinion, it is not a violation. Sorry you do not agree.

    Maybe you would like to move to the Peoples Republic of California (in it's own world) or Canada. May be more to your liking.

    Justin -- license, registration, and inspection issues are traffic violations like everything else, they do not need to be qualified with an immminent danger.

  • All child molesters should die Mar 20, 2009

    She doesn't look too happy! LOL!

    Glad they got her and nobody was hurt, in the chase.


  • Justin T. Mar 20, 2009

    Though I also think comparing a traffic stop to Nazi tactics is a bit silly... I do think that the time for these is late at night when the bars are closing.

    I've always thought that registration/license issues are between the driver and the DMV unless there is an imminent danger to the public. This is indeed a fishing expedition at 11 am.

    It just seems a little weak for police administrators to task the officers with this sort of duty. I'd much rather see my tax dollars going to public safety. I know the other side of the argument but I still think this is a waste of a police officer's time.

    But... hey... the gub'ment needs money so expect more of the same to fill the coffers.

  • Thought Criminal WS Mar 20, 2009

    Agree with you totally Silverwolf. It's scary how much progress we've made towards a totalitarian police state in recent years.

  • SilverWolf Mar 20, 2009

    Usually, I don't respond to those who call me out in their messages but this time I will.

    Mr. Officer, your checkpoints are but one step away from those in Germany during WWII. We are protected from unlawful and unreasonable searches and detentions by the constitution. I assume that is a document you have heard of in passing. A checkpoint is just that, its a random shot in the dark that you might come up with a violation. In the meantime, for the price of one or two infractions, you inconvenience 100's of lawful citizens carrying out their daily routines. That, my friend, is an unreasonable search and unlawful detention. Face it, checkpoints are fishing expeditions. Nothing more. In NC, it has become policy to burden the lawful in order to catch one or two violators.

    My guess is you guys write a lot of inspection violation tickets during your checkpoints. So what you are doing is enforcing a tax at gun point. So you tell me what makes you different from the German SS.

  • ThisGuy Mar 20, 2009

    Yeah I was just thinking about it more and that is most likely what happened here, as They said it started in Franklin County but at least most of the cars we saw were Raleigh/Wake besides the State Troopers. So then they would have most likely joined after the chase started I would think.

  • ncst8man1999 Mar 20, 2009

    If we are requested to assist, then we take over the chase. That is what we train for. We do try to get in front, slow down a chase, and ultimately get it to stop by some means. Sometimes, that is a lot easier said than done because of traffic, etc. A lot of other agencies are not trained in the same techniques that we are, and just fall in line for the parade.

  • ThisGuy Mar 20, 2009

    I'm not sure that anyone else was counting, Our office was just getting ready for lunch breaks when it happened. So people just started counting. One guy said he counted 25 but I'm guessing it was probably more like 20, I only saw about 15-18 of them. Kinda hard to keep count when they were all driving probably around 50-60ish.

    And yes driving is totally a privilege, one that most people are starting to feel entitled too. That's probably why people are getting to be so dangerous. I have been asking questions based on what I understand of the law, but in the end this lady was definitely guilty. And there are many more that do just as bad a thing everyday on their way to work I'm sure.

  • speedy Mar 20, 2009

    I know how to stop checkpoints......

    you ready for it?........

    Here it comes..........


    Smart, ain't I?