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Troopers: 13 dead in Memorial Day weekend crashes

Posted May 28, 2013

— Thirteen people died on the state’s roads during the Memorial Day weekend, more than doubling the number of fatalities from last year’s holiday, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said Tuesday.

The weekend – which was marked from 6 p.m. Friday to midnight Monday – was a busy one for troopers. Preliminary data shows the 13 deaths happened in 12 collisions, including a double-fatal on U.S. Highway 64 in Knightdale on Sunday.

The other wrecks happened in the following locations:

  • N.C. Highway 42, about 5 miles east of Wilson
  • State Road 1401, about 3 miles west of Bolivia
  • N.C. Highway 226, about 3 miles south of Marion
  • Interstate 40, about 6 miles north of Wilmington
  • State Road 2217, about 2 miles east of Asheboro
  • State Road 1400, about 6 miles south of Vanceboro
  • State Road 1624, about 2 miles west of Hamlet
  • State Road 1750, about 7 miles south of Greenville
  • State Road 1413, 5 miles east of Littleton
  • State Road 1201, about 19 miles west from Lillington
  • State Road 1130, about 6 miles north of Holden Beach

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  • kermit60 May 29, 2013

    Is this not the same state where the legislature wants to:
    1. Raise the interstate speed limit
    2. Revoke the law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets
    3. Let school busses go 55mph

  • baldchip May 29, 2013

    8 of 11 accidents listed are on state roads-not major highways. What does that tell us??? Unfortunately-alot.

    I live in JoCo where we loose at least 1 high school student each year on back roads. Most are speeding and not wearing seat belts. I would wager that most of the state road accidents involve speed or alcohol or phones!!

    Our pictures on holidays are changing. NCHP spends much of it's time on major highways looking for speeders and aggressive drivers. Seems like just maybe they need to spend more time on back roads???

    Just a thought!

  • thinkin out loud May 29, 2013

    Those that talk about tickets being a money maker have no clue what they are talking about. Money for whom? Not the Highway Patrol, nor the sheriff's Offices nor any city or town gets any of the money written on a state citation. The court cost stays in the court system and the fines go to the school system. A small amount does go into the law enforcement retirement system. Perhaps we should lower the cost of court and increase the fines to help the schools out!

  • Obamacare for life May 29, 2013

    I saw quite a few drunks out there this weekend.

  • LEO 101 May 29, 2013

    To dare107; Well spoken

  • dare107 May 29, 2013

    Most crashes do not occur on the interstates, but the most severe ones do. NCSHP has troopers assigned to interstate duty but they do far more than write tickets, they do criminal interdiction as well. And yes the state is short Troopers! I have a question for those complaining about the job they do. Have you ever been fishing? Did you catch them all in one day?

  • LEO 101 May 28, 2013

    For your information to the people who think Troopers are on the interstate to make the money your WRONG! The State is still short almost 200 troopers and that means each county is short at least one trooper. You need to research your information before posting these comments. You people get me, you hide behind the blogs and never respect what they do. If you can do it better then go to school to be a Trooper or law enforcement....

  • JustAnotherPointofView May 28, 2013

    Also, I wondering if by chance it had anything to do with how they didn't put out decoy State trooper cars on and off ramps. I know it's a nice reminder for me to slow down... I know last year there was decoys like on every other ramp on I-85 between Durham and Falls Lake.

  • Hans May 28, 2013

    What can we DO?

    **wrings hands**

    More patrols? More checkpoints? More troopers? Lower speed limits? More laws?

  • I know some stuff May 28, 2013

    also interesting...only one is on an Inter-State, all the rest are on state roads.
    Yet the 'ticketing' is on the interstates...because it's easy Money,.... if it was about safety, they'd patrol the state roads!