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Trooper's car overturns in Halifax wreck

Posted June 5, 2011

— A state Highway Patrol trooper suffered non-life-threatening injuries when he hit several trees and overturned in a wreck in Halifax County early Sunday morning.

The trooper, whose name was not released, was attempting to stop a speeding car on U.S. Highway 158, seven miles east of Littleton, when he saw a pedestrian walking in the road, according to the Highway Patrol. He swerved to the left to avoid hitting the pedestrian and drove off the road into a wooded area.

He was treated and released from Halifax Regional Medical Center.

The wreck is still under investigation.


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  • 2SWEETBOYS Jun 7, 2011

    My money would be on leo-nc also and I'd even let him borrow my SS camaro to shut Journey up!

    Kudos to the Trooper for doing his job! Protecting CITIZENS!!!!

  • thepeopleschamp Jun 6, 2011

    $100 on leo-nc in the Crown Vic over journey in Vette. Easy money.

  • leo-nc Jun 6, 2011

    ""I am glad everyone is ok, but seriously, some additional driving classes may be in order for these Troopers." Journey985

    How about you and I take some cars out to the track and see who crashes first around the curves? I get you 20 bucks I can corner a crown vic better than you can corner a vette. Don't believe me, put up or shut up.

  • leo-nc Jun 6, 2011

    "the number of accidents involving LEO's and especially SHP have been on the increase" Journey985

    Journey, once again you are incorrect. The ACTUAL numbers show that the number of patrol car incidents have declined over the years, and inside that total decline, the number of non-preventable crashes has gone up. So having said that, our crash rates have gone down while the fault of the other drivers has gone up. ...and no it's not some big conspiracy that we have come up with to protect our own. The numbers don't lie. So would you like to keep trying to argue this point? You can't, because you don't have the fact, but I do. This Trooper as I said did everything he could to avoid hurting someone else while putting himself in harms way. He's the one who was hurt because he made a concious decision to sacrifice his own safety to save the life of another. As for you who are talking about chases, this was not a chase. He was overtaking. can't catch 'em if you don't travel faster then them

  • pinehorse Jun 6, 2011

    Retired07, there's an easy solution for law enforcement and those against high-speed pursuits: Mandatory, lifetime license revocation for anyone that uses a MV to elude blue lights. Life's too short for everyone else, let the Flee-to-Elude offenders relocate to a country like China that has a great mass transit system.

  • Shine -On Jun 6, 2011

    I give all of the credit to the SHP. although......... kids got killed last night because of speed, same car that some of the SHP drives. Sometimes the 45 on your side and the foot full of horsepower does NOT exclude you from over excercising your right and the safety of others.

  • Retired07 Jun 6, 2011

    I am sooo tired of hearing this chase mentality argued and justified by Leo for relatively minor infractions such as speeding. The end does nor justify the means. For those that condone it try to imagine your family member's funeral for a SPEEDING ticket!!!!

  • kodac31 Jun 6, 2011

    In Reference to the comment by 'Hater Like Darth Vader' in part you stated "This article lacks info to the point that it is irresponsible journalism. The article spins the story so that it makes the trooper seem like he was being foolish and wrecked."

    I COMMEND you Sir for pointing this out to the readers of this article. You stated it well. As your comment suggested this was irresponsible journalism all in an attempt to make the Trooper look foolish. This is typical WRAL behavior when it comes to reporting on NCSHP. WRAL, as plainly noticable, omitted most of the facts in this story so as to suggest to the reader that the Trooper was driving recklessly, &/or acting in a negligent manner. This is SHAMEFUL jounalism! The trooper was doing his job & risked his own life by swerving off the roadway to avoid a pedestrian walking in the road. I'm so sick & tired of this constant negative & slanderous reporting on State Troopers by WRAL! Yall take pleasure in destroying careers!

  • alanhurdle Jun 6, 2011

    If only there had been a trooper or police officer patrolling for speeders Sunday night maybe those 3 teenagers would still be alive and the passenger wouldn't be in the hospital.....I bet jounrey85 would be the first one complaining if they needed law enforcement and they didn't arrive within minutes or suppose that speeder was also intoxicated and hit you or your family and then you found out that the troopers wouldn't try to stop them for fear of getting tried and convicted of something he hasn't even been accused of........

  • thepeopleschamp Jun 6, 2011

    "the number of accidents involving LEO's and especially SHP have been on the increase" Journey985

    Source please? Please don't tell me your factual source is "because I've seen reports on the news more". I've seen REAL accident numbers and most agencies remain the same or have actually declined over the years, I have no idea about SHP and will not hazard a random assumption.