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Trooper rushes driver to hospital after traffic stop

Posted August 1, 2011

— A state Highway Patrol trooper was being hailed Monday for his quick thinking in rushing an ill driver to Pitt County Memorial Hospital after a traffic stop.

Trooper W.D. Coley was on patrol on Stantonsburg Road at about 10:15 a.m. Saturday when he stopped a Jeep that was operating in an erratic manner. He determined that the 54-year-old driver was suffering from a serious medical condition and experiencing breathing difficulties, authorities said.

Coley immediately contacted EMS but decided to transport the driver himself to Pitt County Memorial Hospital, authorities said. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, medical personnel began treating the woman and were able to stabilize her condition, authorities said.


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  • gnewsome1 Aug 2, 2011

    @Sherlock, what world do you live in?? Any driver could have had an accident, however, as has already been noted on here, the SHP has been trained for these situations. Wake up.

  • cyclechik Aug 1, 2011

    @ Sherlock...and how would that have been different if he had been in an ambulance? If I were to trust someone driving fast in traffic my money is on the Trooper, not an EMT. (No offense EMT's out there.)

  • cfrn Aug 1, 2011

    Sherlock..what's up with that? Absolutely makes no sense. Thank goodness for a smart thinking person...Glad it wasn't you as the driver of that car, huh?

  • reincarnatedasme Aug 1, 2011

    Sherlock.....what is that comment? It was the right thing and could have possibly saved a life. Would you prefer he just did nothing? We have seen a lot of bad publicity involving the NC highway patrol and it's nice to see something good for a change.

  • bombayrunner Aug 1, 2011

    yea it is good to hear something positive. BUT -- BUT ... I would not put it passed him to re-investigate and see if the guy knew he was sick and should not drive ... he'll ticket him nonetheless ... just like he would his own grandmother.

  • bombayrunner Aug 1, 2011

    right thing to do. but anyone, not just the SHP should do the same thing. I once drove up on a little girl who fell off her bike -- blood everywhere, she was in bad shape. Threw her bike off the road and her in my pristine Z28 and got her home. Was very late to work -- boss forgave me 100%, had a pretty bloody car though. poor kid, sure she got a lotta stiches.

  • Sherlock Aug 1, 2011

    This was a bad move on the part of the NCSHP, what would happen if there was an accident with the trooper and another car and the passager would have been injuried.. The party would sue costing the taxpayer more money the state does not have. THis action need to be fully investigated and during that time the trooper needs to be placed on admin leave, until the investigation is completed and ruled on by the courts..

  • runinlat Aug 1, 2011

    OK, thats his job.

  • nonPC Aug 1, 2011

    Troopers doing well in todays news! Highspeed chase and this! Keep it up and maybe we will forget about the DWI's and animal abuse... But seriously good job! These are the kind of people that make us proud of our LEO's!!!

  • Retired07 Aug 1, 2011

    One of the good guys!