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Trooper involved in wreck during pursuit

Posted May 11, 2010

— A state Highway Patrol trooper was involved in a wreck Tuesday morning during a pursuit of two men on dirt bikes in southeast Raleigh.

A Highway Patrol spokesman said the trooper tried to pull over the men, who were traveling east on Poole Road, for not wearing helmets.

She followed them through a dirt path on New Hope Road near Poole Road, where she hit a boulder and lost sight of them.

No one was injured.

Authorities have called off the search for the men, they said.


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  • cowboyinfv May 13, 2010

    She was going to stop two DIRT BIKES on a DIRT ROAD with at State Patrol Car, what a joke.

  • MT.Net May 12, 2010

    I live in East Raleigh and my neighbors and I have had enough of the motorcycles racing around at high speeds. These weren't kids out for a sightseeing ride on their scooters: they were most likely racing at high speed when the trooper found them.

    If these two clowns fled from the trooper and then killed themselves escaping, so be it: obviously they've long since disregarded the safety of everyone else.

    Kudos to the SHP for the pursuit. I hope you get them next time!

  • billyd6210 May 11, 2010

    John Scott of Edgecombe County has 3 cars to destroy chasing 4 wheelers. Too much of my tax dollars wasted on his EGO.

  • Journey985 May 11, 2010

    Wow RaceCard Balker, we agree on something for once!!! Seriously though, was the ticket, or POSSIBLE warning she may have issued to these people really worth the damage she caused to the cruiser? More taxpayer money down the drain, as in the immortal words of that favorite Seinfeld chracter...No RAISE for you!!! I hear a desk calling this officers name. So that makes a Raleigh officer "blinded by the light" another officers dorr torn off, and now a SHP hitting rock bottom....great week for the repair shop, bad week for our tax dollars!

  • sinenomine May 11, 2010

    LoveSomeGolo - The last I recall reading the incident involving the drunk trooper, which I believe also involved two Butner officers, was under internal review. I am wondering what has become of the situation, that is all. I have not seen any follow-up in any local media regarding what would seem to be a very serious abuse of authority by the Patrol captain and the two Butner officers.

  • Dirty_Water May 11, 2010

    henrymiller said: "Actually, there are few more pointless abuses of the power of governments than seat belt laws."

    Well, almost. Forcing food service organizations to burn hamburger beyond what is palatable to avoid a little upset stomach is the most egregious overreach of nanny state government. Except requiring kids riding on pontoon boats on inland lakes to actually WEAR their PFDs while the boat is underway. And, oh yeah, requiring fire extinguishers on jet skis. Come on. Has anybody, ANYBODY ever actually used the thing to extinguish an underway fire on a jet ski? Would you?

    Let' s not get me started on the helpful rules our legislators have promulgated over the last few decades.

  • henrymiller May 11, 2010

    People in this country drove cars without seat belts and drove motorcycles without helmets for something like seven decades before the Safety Nazis in Washington decided we were all too stupid and/or immature to make up our own minds about such things. Somehow, mirabile visu!, the country survived.

    It's a sad state of affairs when people seem to accept a Nanny State as a given and pillory as "irresponsible" those of us who actually consider ourselves adults who don't need a nanny.

  • iworkandpaytaxes May 11, 2010

    So we got about $2000 in taxpayer damage to try and catch 2 people not wearing helmets on dirt bikes? Did she really think she would catch them?

  • usmcasa May 11, 2010

    she obviously wasn't going fast enough if you could read her speedo lol

  • Whatever Geez May 11, 2010

    sinenomine: Recently another trooper was caught driving while impaired and let go - what is the Highway Patrol doing about him?

    What do you mean what are they doing to him...he got let go...you just said it.