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Trooper, Butner police officers placed on administrative leave

Posted April 14, 2010

— A Highway Patrol trooper and two Butner police officers are on administrative leave, officials said Wednesday.

All three are the subject of internal investigations stemming from the same allegations of misconduct

The Highway Patrol will not discuss details, because they say it's a personnel matter.


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  • Sulfurdust Apr 16, 2010

    Save the sea turtles!

  • tarheelj Apr 15, 2010

    Administrative leave is paid yes but it is not time off, it is working in the office doing paperwork, but he does not have his badge, gun, car and uniform. There are 1800+ Troopers working in NC and to use earlier comments this breaks down to 0.00055555555% of the Troopers out there. Not a big batch of bad apples. What is sad is that ALL companies have drama but they are lucky enough to not have it thrown out there for the whole state/world to comment on. Our taxes definitely are not so high as to warrant us having every detail of what goes on. There are confidential matters in all companies that the employees don't expect and assume to be told so why do we think we should be different just because we pay some taxes. This is NOT our business. This is between the HP and Butner...We do not deserve to know everything and does he really deserve to be fired? Why not demoted or taken off of the road, would you be fired from your job just because you got a DWI? Yes he should be held to a high

  • Faceman Apr 15, 2010

    Butner..a town???..Sherriff Beuferd T Justice..can take that lil town on..cept for the ones who wish to be like the "Bandit" and now days..the LEO's get thier man.its a shame The Transam is not a get away car anymore :(

  • beachlvr0804 Apr 15, 2010

    Will be interesting to see how this one turns out.....

  • girlusa Apr 15, 2010

    they need to talk to asst. moss about his part in this

  • RonnieR Apr 15, 2010

    So you're saying that Butner, when it became a town, did get a PD, ratherbnnc? Originally the town was gonna contract with CC&PS for police/fire protection from the Camp Butner Public Safety.

  • US VET Apr 15, 2010

    I'm not surprised by the alligations against the State Trooper, the are really several bad apples in our district. The charges against the Butner officers is surprising.

  • ssi Apr 15, 2010


    According to WikiAnswers, in 2006 (the most up-to-date figures available) there were approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers of various types in the United States. Let's say that at any one time there are 500 or so who are involved in misconduct of one form or another. That makes a percentage of approximately .0625 of all law enforcement officers. Not exactly the out-of-control epidemic you speak of.

    Sure there are LEOs who don't need to be in the profession, just like any other profession, but let's not use such a wide brush.

  • james27613 Apr 15, 2010

    If DWI was observed and confirmed, then we need to change the rules on how to handle the situation when law enforcement is involved.

    Supervisors need to be called in on the spot to take over and insure that proper procedures are followed.

    Just like the speeder from the Legislature, if supervisors were notified ASAP then everyone will benefit, unless you are the one who had to go to court and or jail.

  • ratherbnnc Apr 15, 2010

    AFAIK, the Town of Butner doesn't have a PD, but contracts with CC&PS for coverage from the Camp Butner Public Safety. So maybe they mean two Camp Butner PSOs.

    Butner Public Safety are not contracted. They are also State Employees and fall under Crime Control and Public Safety just the same as the Highway Patrol, ALE, and State Capital Police.