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Durham prosecutor: Shopping center shooting was drug deal gone wrong

Posted March 6, 2013

— A fatal shooting last month at a Durham shopping center was a drug deal gone wrong, prosecutors said during a bond hearing Wednesday for two of the three suspects charged in the case.

Monquell L. Davis, 19, of Lutz Lane, Deshario Tamaurious Mitchell, 18, of Marne Avenue, and Kadeem Rasheed Johnson, 18, of Umstead Street, each face a charge of first-degree murder in the Feb. 9 death of Brian Christopher Keys, 24, of Greensboro.

Durham County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bedford said Keys met the three men that afternoon in the Renaissance Center shopping center, at 6800 Fayetteville Road, to sell them marijuana but that the three showed up with guns.

Why they allegedly shot him, she said, is still unclear.

A judge set Davis' and Mitchell's bond at $2 million. Johnson's hearing has been postponed until March 18.

Davis, who also faces charges of fleeing to elude arrest and felony hit-and-run resulting in injury, allegedly drove the getaway car after Keys was shot, Bedford said.

His family was in court Wednesday to support him and ask the judge for a reasonable bond to allow him to support his pregnant girlfriend and so that he could go to church and be surrounded by the love of his family.

Bond set for Durham shopping center shooting suspects Bond set for Durham shopping center shooting suspects

"Monquell is not a bad child," his father, Montgomery Davis, said. "Not the best, but far from the worst."

Montgomery Davis, however, offered no clear answer as to why his son might have been involved in Keys' shooting death other than to see he was "caught up in a bad situation."

Bedford said Keys and a friend had driven to Durham on Feb. 9 and eaten at a restaurant at Renaissance Center. At some point, Keys left his friend, telling him that he had to go "take care of something" but never returned.

The friend didn't know about the shooting, Bedford said, until he was questioned by police.


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  • Brian Jenkins Mar 8, 2013

    +1 liberal. EXACTLY. i'm waiting for the WRAL headline: Drug Deal Gone Right.
    March 6, 2013 5:33 p.m.
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    Why would WRAL focus on Walgreens sales? Nothing to sensationalize there.

  • Brian Jenkins Mar 8, 2013

    Is there any thing asa drug deal gone right?
    March 6, 2013 5:29 p.m.

    Sure go to Walgreens.

  • afrocine2 Mar 7, 2013

    Just like some on this site are excited by the prospect of stockpiling weapons to ward off government tyranny or the savage hordes at the door, these kids are just as excited by the foolish Hood mentality. All of the hubris of youth is tied up into this macho,craziness. So the same way that some youth heed the call to join the military to expell that pent up aggression that is common in young males, these kids do the same thing via the "gangster" lifestyle. Consciously and unconsciously society indoctrinates them from an early age to this or a similar outcome. People tend to act as does their social grouping. If you are constantly around folks who have a good grasp on being a responsible citizen,you most likely will be a good citizen too. However, if your social group ascribes to violence,ignorance and nihlism, then so do you.

    Note, please save the knee-ignorant responses about "excuses" for these kids.Rational understanding should never be considered an "excuse".

  • Jack Flash Mar 7, 2013

    "This is why these criminals are so bad.No matter what they do their family supports them and say they are not bad people. "

    Oh, good grief... How can you begrudge a parent for loving his or her child and being a little resistant to categorizing him or her as 100% pure evil. Should we eliminate all prison visits next b/c no one in prison should ever be loved by anyone else?

    I actually thought it was refreshing that the father in this article tempered his support of his son by acknowledging he "wasn't the best." Why not give him that much credit and be a bit more graceful about the rest?

  • Jack Flash Mar 7, 2013

    "Mess with drugs, its prison or graveyard. No symapathy for any of them."
    You do realize you're essentially saying you don't have sympathy for about 50% of the population who have dabbled at some point or another, right?

  • 82d Airborne Mar 7, 2013

    WOW! Taking the Dem/Lib campaign ideals huh... Try to make everyone think that this criminal actually ever stepped foot in a church by his own choice, there is a chapel in every prison and if the law works the way it is supposed to, he will see God personally soon enough, I don't think he needs to rush that meeting, it's coming for him quicker than you think.

  • jodigluscosuxbigones Mar 7, 2013

    Now hopefully he will get a needle for that bad decision.

  • jodigluscosuxbigones Mar 7, 2013

    Poor child just made a bad decision.

  • working for deadbeats Mar 6, 2013


  • lawncare5 Mar 6, 2013

    "Monquell's family was in court to support him and ask the judge for a reasonable bond to allow him to support his pregnant girlfriend and be in church and be surrounded by the love of his family"'

    Just when I thought I had heard it all...