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Trio charged with stealing NCSU campus emergency phone

Posted October 6, 2014
Updated June 16

Brian Joseph Cunningham, Matthew R. Cunningham and Sean Vandergrift, left to right

— Three men were charged Sunday with stealing an emergency phone on the North Carolina State University campus, according to police records.

Sean Vandergrift, Brian Joseph Cunningham, and Matthew R. Cunningham, all 18, all of Marlton, N.J., were charged with felony larceny. They were each released on $5,000 bonds.

Arrest warrants state that the three stole an emergency blue light phone pole, valued at $2,500, from the campus on Saturday.

Charges against Vandergrift were dismissed after he completed 24 hours of community service.


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  • Thomas Fenske Oct 7, 2014
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    I'm sure their parents are really proud.

  • Rodney Hill Oct 6, 2014
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    Sounds like a stoopid prank. What the heck are you gonna do with a stolen emergency phone? It ain't like you can plug it in at home (unless you want it to be traced to you).

    Wonder if these yahoos are students or just visiting.

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    If they have a clean record, they'll might be eligible for the NC's felony aversion program.

  • LetsBeFair Oct 6, 2014

    America's next generation of leaders are now prepared to lead FEMA

  • Stephania Sidberry Oct 6, 2014
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  • LetsBeFair Oct 6, 2014

    ... and got our faces plastered all over the internet, slapped around and nearly kicked out of college ... and sonny 30 years later we're still laughing all about it.

  • TeaBagOnLove Oct 6, 2014

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    MCD will not hire them either....

    Hope their Cousin Vinny can get the three yuts out of trouble...


    Ya dun goofed.

  • Doseofreality88 Oct 6, 2014

    Really, stop listening to Justin Beiber lol

  • meganagram Oct 6, 2014

    According to the Wake County arrests, it appears there is a fourth fine young gentleman involved!

  • davmci29 Oct 6, 2014

    Some of our best and brightest... were they ncsu students? or just "passing thru" from New jersey.