Triangle small businesses eye rising gas prices

Posted July 16, 2013

— Triangle gasoline prices have jumped 10 cents in the past week, a significant spike according to AAA Carolinas, and some area businesses are keeping an eye on the prices at the pumps.

The average price for a gallon was $3.51 Tuesday, 23 cents higher than the same time last year.

Matthew Hayden, co-owner of Porchetta Sandwich food truck in Raleigh, says the recent spike in gasoline prices hasn't yet taken its toll on the year-old business since its gasoline budget is at $4 a gallon.

"The truck only gets about 7 miles a gallon. Then, on top of that, every hour that we are in operation with our generator, that's another gallon of gasoline," Hayden said. "It would be wonderful if it stayed well below $4."

It's a sentiment echoed by Kim Lewey, who owns Lewey's Landscaping and LawnCare.

"We operate four trucks that we run every day, and all of our equipment uses gas," Lewey said.

Triangle small businesses eye rising gas prices Triangle small businesses eye rising gas prices

When gas prices were high more than two years ago, Lewey instituted a gas surcharge on customers' bills to help cover some of the fueling costs. In the past, when prices got too high, the company also had to make other changes.

"We try to be efficient about where we have our crews. If they are in areas where we don't have a lot of customers, then we had to basically walk away from some clients," she said.

According to AAA, the rise in prices is a result of a few factors, including political unrest in Egypt and a common spike that comes in summer months. The agency doesn't expect prices to drop before summer ends.


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  • cjw6105 Jul 17, 2013

    If Big Oil was the main problem here, gas prices would be uniform throughout the 50 states. Pump prices vary greatly from state to state, with "red" states' prices generally being way lower than "blue" states' prices. Why? State gasoline tax!

    Gas is simply another opportunity for politicians to extract more money from the public, especially in this day and time.

  • 1secondlook Jul 17, 2013

    iron fist do some research. The Govt makes more on the taxing of fuel than the oil companies make! Oil companies make 2 cents per gallon!! 2 cents per gallon oil companies profit v/s 51 cents the govt makes. You do the math. how much does the govt make off fuel taxes????? Thats right 25 TIMES more money than the oil companies and the Govt does not lift a finger to get it.

  • LKG-Lover Jul 17, 2013

    It still makes no sense when the U.S. is EXPORTING more gasoline than ever before in our history. Why are the prices still so high. WE are being ripped off by big oil. 30-50 billion in profits every year is just not fair. What choice do we have when all prices are about the same.

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 17, 2013

    Been like this since gas went over $4.00 a gallon. Many, business adjust prices , so now when gas drops, even to $3.25 a gallon or lower, they've just kept that extra profit. Gee sound just like the goverment.

  • miseem Jul 17, 2013


    Care to explain that? Right now, not having that pipeline in place is considered a factor that is keeping prices lower. It's creating a bottleneck for crude oil in the midwest, creating a glut of oil there and keeping crude oil prices down in the US. The reason it's going up is because the traders will use any excuse to increase prices. Doesn't matter which way certain economic indicators go, they translate into a push for higher prices. Value of the dollar going down? Well, obviously crude oil and gas prices in the US need to go up since the dollar is weaker. Value of the dollar going up? Well, obviously the economy is improving and demand will increase, so prices need to go up. Whatever is happening, traders and futures buyers will spin it to mean pending shortages or increased demand and a need to bid up market prices.

  • xylem01 Jul 17, 2013

    People are getting a tax cut so let's take it!

  • iron fist Jul 16, 2013

    we are all eyeing the rising gas prices. Oil companies making billions off the working class, always an excuse to raise prices.

  • stymieindurham Jul 16, 2013