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Triangle remains 'abnormally dry'

Posted May 22, 2008

— Heavy rains last weekend continued to push North Carolina's drought to the west, according to a report issued Thursday.

Twenty-four counties in eastern North Carolina are no longer experiencing any level of drought conditions, up from 16 a week ago, the state Drought Management Advisory Council said in its weekly report. Another 22 counties, including most of the Triangle, are experiencing abnormally dry conditions, the lowest of five drought levels monitored by the council.

The only areas of the Triangle that remain under moderate drought conditions are Chatham and Lee counties and western Harnett County.

Overall, 16 counties were listed as being in moderate drought, while 23 were experiencing severe drought conditions and 15 counties to the west of Charlotte were listed as being in extreme drought.


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  • DontAnnoyMe May 26, 2008

    "What most are saying is that it's time to GET OVER IT."

    Agreed. If you drill down into the chart at the unl.edu web site, you can see detailed impact reports. As of last week, there are none. It's over, but we may remain abnormally dry and do need to conserve. But now the H20 companies will kill us by raising rates. 24% proposed in Chapel Hill!

  • hlwn7 May 26, 2008

    I don't think I've read one of these comments that denied we WERE in a drought. What most are saying is that it's time to GET OVER IT. I even heard one of the weathermen say that the figures from last year don't really mean anything now. The lakes and streams are over full, the ground appears to be in good condition, things are growing, etc. It appears that are some who want to hang on to the drought for a political or some other self-serving reason. Can things start getting dry again? You bet they can and we should take necessary and sensible steps earlier than we did before but just because we were in drought conditions last year still doesn't mean we are in them now.

  • DontAnnoyMe May 26, 2008

    hlwn7 - thanks for pointing that out. The fact remains that most don't know what a drought really is. Media bias and personal perception may distort the real picture for most of us, but for the farmer who has lost millions due to this drought, the story is all too real.

  • hlwn7 May 26, 2008

    WOW DontAnnoyMe!! That little droughtreporter chart was really spectacular. It looks like something from a 4th grade science project but probably not as reliable. If you'll go to the chart and click on "About" then scroll down to "Disclaimer" you'll see that you should have done your homework a little better before telling us that "most of you DON'T know what a drought really is...." Bias and personal perception is what we have been talking about!

  • DontAnnoyMe May 23, 2008

    "most of you know what a drought really is"

    Yes, I meant most of you DON'T know what a drought really is...

  • DontAnnoyMe May 23, 2008

    Well, it's obvious that most of you know what a drought really is; thus you can't justifiably say it's media driven or politically manipulated/mismanged or that it's over because your yard is mushy and the lakes are full.

    Drought is defined as and assessed by the impacts lack of water has on water supply, agriculture, energy, the environment, fire and safety, health, and other areas.

    A good place for learning more about it is at http://droughtreporter.unl.edu.

  • colliedave May 23, 2008

    How much does the Drought Management Council get paid and who is on this council? Looks as if they want to justify their existence.

  • gt_football May 23, 2008

    According to WHO????????? Mayor Meeker? Give us a break!!

  • SomeRandomGuy May 23, 2008

    How can you have a drought and Flood warnings at the SAME time? I have seen that happen more than once in the last few weeks!

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go May 23, 2008

    Our lake and water levels were at historic lows because we have had no tropical systems for two years. We get a couple of those...and if they still want to talk drought...somebody is lying through their teeth....