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Triangle Expressway toll going up New Year's Day

Posted December 30, 2014

The Triangle Expressway in western Wake County offers two methods of toll collection.

— A toll increase on the Triangle Expressway will take effect Thursday, state transportation officials announced Tuesday.

The increase will be 14 cents for N.C. Quick Pass customers and 22 cents for bill-by-mail customers who travel the 17.4 miles between N.C. Highway 147 at Interstate 40 and the N.C. Highway 55 Bypass in Holly Springs.

The new cost of the trip will be $2.91 for Quick Pass customers and $4.45 for bill-by-mail customers.

The toll increase was planned as part of the funding of the expressway. Revenue raised through tolls will pay off bonds sold to build the $1 billion road, officials said.

Plans are underway to add two interchanges along the expressway. One will be at Old Holly Springs/Apex Road in Holly Springs; the other will be at Morrisville Parkway in western Cary.


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  • I-44 Dec 30, 2014

    I love how it takes them a month and a half to send the bills by mail. I drove on a short portion over Labor Day weekend. I got the bill during the 3rd week of October. And the bill was like .86 cents. What a waste.

    I agree with the other commenter that each tolling station should have the baskets where you can toss in your coins and go.

  • Tom Boswell Dec 30, 2014
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    Agrees 100%. $8.90 to travel 36 miles of concrete with no expansive bridges or tunnels. We have the eight highest gas tax and we need a $8.90 toll. I have not nor will ever travel on this road. When I cross over it at very points it looks like a ghost road.

  • thewayitis Dec 30, 2014

    What bugs me the most is how occasional riders are really taken advantage of with that whole mail-in deal. Why not have a basket station like they do up north, where people can toss in the required amount? That would allow occasional user to use the toll road without having to be subject to the ridiculous mail in bill. Somebody really didn't think this through well.

  • 68_dodge_polara Dec 30, 2014

    The more that refuse to use it the quicker the DOT will realize that repaying the bond in this manor will fail. The state will than have to repay the bond with the gas taxes, which are already the highest in the southeast so it's there.

  • crshann Dec 30, 2014

    Travel infrequently but when I do, there is hardly anyone on it. Why not decrease the tolls so there would be a greater incentive to use it. Wouldn't it make sense that more people using it, more revenue, ergo the bonds paid off quicker. Raising tolls is counter intuitive and the other posters are correct, this has to be the most expensive road in the country. At this rate the toll will go to $2 a mile at some point and the road will become the world's largest potential bikeway because no cars will ever use it.

  • bottleworks Dec 30, 2014

    I helped pay for it, but I get charged to use it. No thanks.

  • katzlover Dec 30, 2014


  • notexactly Dec 30, 2014

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    because that part was paid for already. The new part was paid for with bonds that we owe back. Really it helped people that live in Fuquay and holly springs. others not so much. I have never used it, but if I worked in nraleigh and lived in holly springs I would use it and love it since it would still save me gas and time. You have to pick your poison.

  • Steve Faulkner Dec 30, 2014
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    The toll for the most expensive toll road in the country is going up.. what a shock....NOT

  • Dean Morron Dec 30, 2014
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    I've been on this toll road twice since it opened. I can find other ways around the triangle.