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Triangle doctor says Afghanistan violence won't deter medical mission

Posted April 24, 2014

— Dr. Randall Williams travels light.

The OB-GYN has been in and out of airports for the past 10 years, traveling overseas to Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan to use his gift of healing to help others.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to show them things we’ve learned and techniques that we sort of take for granted,” Williams said Thursday.

It’s work that’s fulfilling, but it’s also extremely dangerous.

Williams has made many visits to Cure International Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, where three Americans physicians were shot and killed and a nurse was wounded Thursday.

“I immediately went online to find out if any of the doctors I work with were affected,” he said.

Williams didn’t know the Chicago pediatrician who was killed in the attack, but he said that doesn't change the loss he feels or his level of commitment.

“We all have a certain bond between us that, if anything happens to any of us, the rest of us will pick up and recruit more to go help,” he said.

Williams isn't sure when he will return to Cure International. He says that depends on the results of the upcoming presidential election in Afghanistan.


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