Trial ordered for redrawn NC voting maps

Posted May 13, 2013

Voting map

— A three-judge panel on Monday ordered a trial on lawsuits challenging how the Republican-controlled legislature redrew North Carolina's congressional and legislative district maps in 2011.

Some Democratic lawmakers, the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, Democracy North Carolina and other groups have maintained that the new maps reduce the political power of minority voters by lumping them into as few districts as possible and split too many counties and too many precincts among districts.

Republican mapmakers have said that they simply followed federal law by clustering black voters into certain districts to ensure that they could elect candidates of their choice. The U.S. Department of Justice approved the maps, which the GOP said was proof that the maps were legitimate.

The three Superior Court judges hearing the lawsuits say there are enough factual disputes over two issues to have a single judge hear evidence and rule on them:

  • Were some districts drawn to minority majority standards without a reasonable history of racial voting problems?
  • Why were 4th and 12 Congressional districts, Senate districts 31 and 32 and House districts 51 and 54 drawn as they were?

Democratic congressmen David Price and Mel Watt hold the two congressional districts in question. The two Senate districts cover Forsyth and Yadkin counties, and the two House districts cover all of Chatham and Lee counties and part of Harnett County.

The location of the June 4-5 trial and the judge to handle it haven't been determined.

The three-judge panel will continue to consider all other issues in the redistricting lawsuits and may hold more hearings.


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  • Come On_Seriously May 14, 2013

    Try a history book acc_rules.

  • acc_rules May 14, 2013

    Rushbot you're the laughable one here. As long as it has mattered, especially to you, Democrats have run the state and drawn and redrawn the districts. By your reasoning us Republicans should remind blacks daily that it was a Republican who freed the slaves. And Grand Union I love the way you libs try to rewrite history to where even a Democrat is not a Democrat.

  • UNCRules123 May 14, 2013

    Todays Republicans have been in control of NC for most of its history....they used to be called Dixiecrats.
    Grand Union

    Ah, at the feet of the Master Historian but we don't live in an Onion country?!?

  • Grand Union May 14, 2013

    " I do agree that after 100+ years of Democratic control and all of their re-districting "fuss" they have no room to complain."

    Todays Democrats have had nothing like 100 years of control. 20 maybe 30 at most. When the Democrats nationally supported Civil rights the Republicans realizing that this meant extinction, moved to the right and today's Republicans are yesterdays Dixiecrats.

  • Grand Union May 14, 2013

    Not too hopeful that this changes anything but it would be fun to have them thrown out :)

    ""Now, with republicans in control, the maps are redrawn and give favor to the republicans and all of a sudden, now, now it's a problem"?"

    Todays Republicans have been in control of NC for most of its history....they used to be called Dixiecrats.

  • genaroye May 14, 2013

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, poor liberal cry babies, can't stand it when you're busted for gerrymandering, but for a republican to redraw your welfare districts, your heads roll. We WON!

  • goldenosprey May 14, 2013

    "This problem will not go away until they require an independent board with no party affliation for the members to draw districts every 10 years based on census data. There also needs to be a requirement that all districts are basically rectangular in shape." westernwake1

    I don't often agree with ww1, but this is correct. It was not right when the dems did it or whigs or federalists or whoever. Two or more wrongs don't make a right. Now with the advent of new technology, gerrymandering is just more precise and effective than ever, so it ends up distorting the popular vote even more than usual. A voter is a voter, no matter what color. Districts should be done on population alone, and drawn by an independent committee with a grayscale map.

  • Save It May 14, 2013

    "Now, with republicans in control, the maps are redrawn and give favor to the republicans and all of a sudden, now, now it's a problem"?

    Anything that favors the Republican agenda of oppression is a problem.

  • Save It May 14, 2013

    During a conversation with a very conservative associate last night, regarding redistricting, he said "They are just making sure this Obama thing doesn't happen again. Nothing wrong with that".

    That's called electioneering. There is something morally and legally wrong with it. The good thing about being an Unaffiliated voter when looking at Republicans is I never have to question if I am making a mistake. They find a way, almost daily, to remind of us of what hateful, scornful, unfair and repressive tactics they will use to forward the corporate Jesus agenda. It's genuinely effortless to loathe such contempt for fellow man.

  • dwntwnboy2 May 14, 2013

    Both parties have monkeyed with this system enough already. It's been a disaster from the word "go". The Dems tried to rig the system for themselves (no worry about the actual voters and their needs) then the Repubs come in- with this whole "gonna change how things are done" mantra.....and then do the EXACT same thing!!! Neither side should be trusted to draw these maps. They should be drawn based on population with no care of voter party in play. Maybe even drawn by an outside-the-state source to get rid of this gerrymandering from BOTH sides of the aisle.