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Trial delayed for soldier charged in private's death

Posted October 19, 2012

— A court-martial set to begin next week for one of eight soldiers accused in the suicide of a comrade in Afghanistan has been postponed, Fort Bragg officials said Friday.

The case against 1st Lt. Daniel Schwartz, originally on the docket for Wednesday, has been delayed because of procedural motions by prosecutors and the defense, the military said.

Schwartz, an officer assigned to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, is facing charges relating to the death of Pvt. Danny Chen. Chen, 19, shot himself in a guard house at an Afghanistan base Oct. 3, 2011.

Schwartz is one of eight soldiers accused of hazing Chen in the weeks before his death. According to court documents, Chen was kicked, dragged from his tent, forced to crawl on a gravel path and had sandbags tied to his arms. The son of Chinese immigrants, he also was called racial slurs like "dragon Lady" and forced to speak to his fellow soldiers in Chinese.

Four soldiers already have been convicted in the case.

Sgt. Travis Carden was sentenced to reduction in rank to E-4 and forfeiture of two-thirds of his pay for one month; Staff Sgt. Blaine G. Dugas Jr. was sentenced to three months in prison and a one-rank demotion; Spc. Ryan J. Offutt was sentenced to six months in prison, demotion to private and a bad conduct discharge; and Sgt. Adam Holcomb was sentenced to 30 days in prison and the loss of one rank.


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  • godshelper Oct 19, 2012

    This is a disgrace to the american people. A man signed up to protect this country and make the world a better place for everyone and he is tormented by his teammates to the point he takes his life. This is not the behavior of an american soldier. They should be charged with hate crimes and placed in prison longer than a month. They should be forced out of our armed forces for good. The job of an american solider is the protect the innocent and the weak. They failed miserably at this. This was a team mate. It makes me sick to read this story and know the torment that he suffered to the point he had no self esteem and felt alone in a foreign place fighting an unknown enemy and living with a known enemy (his own team). What a pure H_LL that is for anyone. God Bless his heart and have mercey on his soul.