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Trend: Walking meetings get employees moving

Posted May 9, 2014

Many people spend more than eight hours a day sitting, and recent studies show just how unhealthy that can be.

Some companies are getting employees moving with “walking meetings” that get workers out from behind their desks.

Marketing and communications manager Jessica Tunon holds walking meetings with her colleagues.

“We chat for about 20 to 30 minutes, do some brainstorming,” she said.

“Sitting at the desk all day, we all have been reading about the ill effects of that,” said Kandis Koustenis, an attorney.

Research finds sitting for long periods can lead to obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Ted Eytan, of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health, said there are physical and cognitive benefits to staying active and sitting less.

Kaiser Permanente's Center for Total Health promotes walking meetings and even has an indoor track for employees.

“People are more engaged and ready to take on the day,” Eytan said.

Walking meetings are proving popular with professionals.

“A break from the office, great conversation and some great weather,” Jeff Fehrman, a technology executive, said about the benefits.

“If we can get outside and get the blood moving, we feel like we can come back to the office fresh and ready to work again,” said Antigone Peyton, an attorney.

Experts say walking meetings are best for small groups. Also, make sure it’s scheduled in advance so everyone knows to wear comfortable shoes.


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