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Transgender man gives birth to a boy

Posted July 31

Trystan Reese, a transgender man living in Portland, Oregon, has given birth to a boy with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow. Their son, Leo Murray Chaplow, was born July 14.

Trystan Reese, a transgender man living in Portland, Oregon, has given birth to a boy with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow. Their son, Leo Murray Chaplow, was born July 14.

Leo is the couple's first biological child, but they are no strangers to parenting: Reese and Chaplow adopted Chaplow's niece and nephew in 2011.

Both Leo and Reese were in good health after the birth, the couple wrote on Facebook. They didn't respond to a request for comment.

Reese and Chaplow have documented their parenting adventures and posted updates throughout Reese's pregnancy on their Facebook page. They made a video announcing the pregnancy in January.

Reese, who was assigned the female gender at birth, posted a video in March explaining his decision to carry a baby as a transgender man.

"I'm OK with my body being a trans body," he said. "I'm OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby."

Reese told CNN in June that he had stopped taking testosterone to prepare for the pregnancy.

"We've been under medical supervision the entire time," he said, "to make it as healthy and safe as possible."

In addition to the "normal pregnancy stuff" like cravings -- Reese's was French fries from McDonald's -- the couple has had to face criticism and negativity online.

"We find that behind the shroud of anonymity, people feel pretty empowered to tell us what should happen to us, to our children, to our family," Reese said. "The reason why you have a kid is because you want to see more love in the world, and remembering how difficult that's going to be, it's hard."

But since Leo was born, the couple has received an outpouring of support on Facebook and media attention from around the world.


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  • Shawn Patrick Aug 2, 1:37 p.m.
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    I thought we would have flying cars by now....

  • Marty Baker Aug 2, 9:34 a.m.
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    It ends up hurting everyone because they report these stories to try and make mental illness normal, and something everyone should embrace and suspend reality and consider it normal. No matter how "open and accepting" of any behavior, no matter how defiant, you are, any educated person can't get to the point that this is considered normal. People that are mentally ill and can't accept reality need help, not for the rest of us to suspend reality for them.

  • Maggie Foege Aug 1, 9:58 p.m.
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    So while I don't understand what they've decided to do, I understand that it was likely not a decision made lightly by either partner. Those of you who are judging and being nasty about it, how does this hurt you in any way? What difference does it make to you? As long as this child is wanted and loved, that's really all that matters! I feel sorry for you all really.

  • Patrick Gentry Aug 1, 8:25 p.m.
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  • Marty Baker Aug 1, 4:44 p.m.
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    I have to whoever wrote this story really so ignorant to think that a man, no matter what word you put in front of that word, can have a baby? And expect the public to count on them for real news? I'd just saying something made it true, I'd be rich right now. They really wonder why people don't trust the media anymore.

  • Marie Clark Aug 1, 3:37 p.m.
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    Ok.. so, what the ??
    Reese was born a female, with the inner organs to match. Yet, because she felt she was more male.. she elected to undergo the process of becoming male and taking testosterone. Only, she decided that she didn't want to be an actual male.. because she stopped the testosterone, kept her uterus and biologically gave birth.

    So... she is both male and female, at the same time and chose this way in order to... ta da... GIVE BIRTH.
    Because ONLY females of the human race, give birth .
    So Reese is celebrated for essentially being female to suit her agenda and want... she is not transgendered. She is a woman when it suits her and also a dude, when it suits her.

    I am with the other poster.. the baby need not be recognized as male or female, cause that is not PC, ... not until it decides later which it wants to be. I am, however, glad it is healthy and apparently wanted.

  • Brian Gaertner Aug 1, 1:27 p.m.
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    imagine what Biff must be gong through. I'll bet he was already skeptical about marrying another "man" that had female parts. Then his husband convinces him to start having intercourse in huts husband's woman places. Now this. He's probably more confused than we are.

  • Marty Baker Aug 1, 12:43 p.m.
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    Now I'm confused. Why isn't this story titled "Bearded lady gives birth to boy"? That would be correct, instead of some biologically incorrect headline. Do we not want to teach our kids correctly?

  • Kathy Balestrieri Aug 1, 12:21 p.m.
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    Fact be known ~ you can have surgery and injections to change your genetalia and grow boobs, but you cannot change your sex. At the moment of your conception, your sex was determined by either XX or XY chromosomes. No surgery can change that. Centuries from now if your bones are DNA tested, it will show he's a man in a dress.

  • Brian Gaertner Aug 1, 12:07 p.m.
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    That's up for debate. In all seriousness, I've always wondered whether transgender really are wired the way of the gender they identify with. There are certain situations that trigger the release of testosterone and estrogen in biological men and women. If that's what really happens in transgender people without the introduction of synthetic hormones into their body, then the debate will be laid to rest.