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Dunn man struck, killed by train

Posted June 8, 2013
Updated June 9, 2013

— A Dunn man died Saturday night after being hit by a train while he was trying to get his pickup truck off the railroad tracks, according to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

The CSX train, with three locomotives and 52 rail cars, was headed to Jacksonville, Fla., from North Bergen, N.J., when it hit Andrew Williams, 59, of Dunn.

Authorities said Williams was trying to cross a closed section on Arrowhead Road in Dunn sometime after 9 p.m. when his truck got stuck in the tracks.

Williams and a passenger tried to use a jack to get the truck out of a rut when the passenger saw the train and jumped off the tracks.

Authorities said the passenger yelled for Williams to get out of the way, but that it was too late.

Williams had been drinking, the Highway Patrol said.

Authorities said the area around the railroad track had been closed for about a week while undergoing repairs. But people who live in the area said Sunday that cars have been disregarding warning signs and crossing anyway.

Williams leaves behind two children.

"Andrew was a special man. He had a good heart for his family. He loved his children. He was a good friend to me," his ex-wife, Lena Williams, said. "He would give you the shirt off his back, if he could."


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  • kornfan2448 Jun 10, 2013

    To add to what kikinc posted, the asphalt/concrete had been ripped up and the crossing was essentially a bed of gravel with raised ties and railing. That's what I assume the truck got hung up on.

  • sinenomine Jun 10, 2013

    Thank you, kikinc. Your post clarified things for me a lot.

  • kikinc Jun 10, 2013

    sinenomine-I saw on the news this morning that the railroad crossing was closed for road repairs and that a barricade had been set up around the tracks. I hope that helps a little bit.

  • sinenomine Jun 10, 2013

    One thing I don't understand about this article. It says that the decedent was "trying to cross a closed section on Arrowhead Road". What is it that was closed? The crossing gates on the railroad crossing? A portion of the road? Was the railroad crossing itself closed for repairs? Maybe I'm just dense but I don't understand what the reporter is trying to tell me. How about it posters - any of you familiar with the area?

  • kornfan2448 Jun 10, 2013

    A life was lost and many people have to go through a grieving process and all because someone was driving drunk and attempting to cross a closed railroad crossing. So sad and unnecessary.

  • ncsislamesauce Jun 10, 2013

    Too many today are being killed by trains. Why don't they obey the signs. My condolences to the family and many friends.

    We should pass laws to outlaw train ownership. Clearly this is the right path forward for this country.

  • Obamacare for life Jun 10, 2013

    He was on something....

  • 678devilish Jun 10, 2013

    was this man on illegal drugs?

  • 678devilish Jun 10, 2013

    Too many today are being killed by trains. Why don't they obey the signs. My condolences to the family and many friends.

  • sinenomine Jun 10, 2013

    Here is a link to a video of a crash, taken by a camera in the nose of the locomotive, of a collision with a car in which five people were killed in the automobile.


    Please watch to the end. After a long segment showing only the railroad track in front of the train with the sound of the train idling you see the conductor coming around to the front of the locomotive to view the wreckage of the automobile, which is out of sight beneath the camera's lens.

    This segment also shows how quickly a situation can arise from the engineer's point of view and the engineer's complete helplessness to avoid the collision. It also shows how much time it takes to stop the train, even using emergency braking.