Holiday travel slows traffic on I-40 in Johnston County

Posted May 30, 2011

— State transportation department officials reported heavy congestion on Interstate 40 westbound in Johnston County Monday evening, as motorists headed home after a hot and sunny holiday weekend.

Traffic was particularly backed up between N.C. Highway 210 and U.S. Highway 70, near the Harnett County line. The state Department of Transportation advised motorists to expect delays.

According to AAA Carolinas, an estimated 865,000 people got on the road this Memorial Day, which is a 3 percent increase over last year.


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  • VW girl 2013 May 31, 2011

    THE're nuts!

    cwood3...there is no exit 310! It's 306, 309, 312 & 319. The road at exit 319 is Hwy 210, but no exit 310 on I-40 in this state.

    As for the traffic. That's why I wait til the day after to come back home. I plan my weekends & vacations like that on purpose so I don't have to deal with the traffic. If you don't like the traffic, figure out another way to travel. Stop whining & complaining. There are much bigger issues in this country, state & local counties that need to be dealt with.

  • luv2surffish2 May 31, 2011

    not newsworthy.. sides that.. its OLD.. NEWS

  • Rebelyell55 May 31, 2011

    How about everyone quit wishing to go no where faster. Learn to live with small delays by planning for them. So got to slow down a wait. What's wrong with that?

  • Vietnam Vet May 31, 2011

    I was there!!!

  • cwood3 May 31, 2011

    Had this project been done properly-I-40 would have gotten a 3rd lane from the Clayton by-pass to the old US 70 exit-#306.
    This would help reduce some of these issues at the merge point.

    Had they done this project 10 years ago-instead of worrying about a dumb mussle, well-need I say more?

    Imagine the traffic backups when they finally widen I-40 from exits 306 to 310 or 312!! Call it a nightmare??

    Lack of long range planning and lack of money caused all of this!!

  • Hans May 31, 2011

    "you can count on traffic slowing down somewhere in between the exits for 210 and 42. does anyone else experience this problem or is it just coincidence?" - tripryder

    Nope. It's like that every Sunday. I make it a point to avoid it at all costs if possible.

  • jimthorne73 May 31, 2011

    It all has to do with that extra right lane by the 70 bypass. People try to pass on the right only to have to merge back in and everyone has to slow down for the people who can't wait their turn. The state needs to rethink that lane to stop 40 west traffic from using that lane for thru traffic.

  • lroten4 May 31, 2011

    How about adding another lane?!

  • tripryder May 31, 2011

    this is not only a problem with holiday traffic. i have ran into delays every sunday this summer. traffic bottlenecks where 70 business and 40W merge to where its consistently stop n go go for traffic returning home from the beach. you can count on traffic slowing down somewhere in between the exits for 210 and 42. does anyone else experience this problem or is it just coincidence?

  • za2duke May 31, 2011

    And the sky is blue and the earth is round. How is this news to anybody?