I-440 reopens after downed power lines stall traffic

Posted April 18, 2011

Traffic in both directions on Interstate 440 came to a halt Monday during the evening rush hour when power lines fell across the travel lanes, Raleigh police said. The lines were draped across lanes near milemarker 12, between the New Bern Avenue and Glenwood Avenue exits.

The highway reopened a short time later, police said.

A Progress Energy spokeswoman said that a construction truck snagged the wire as it passed underneath, pulling down the power lines and snapping a support pole. A few customers were without power in the immediate area.



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  • Nobody but Carolina Apr 19, 2011

    I must have just gotten past before this happened last night as I drive this stretch from Capital to 64 bypass going home. Whew.

  • Thought Criminal WS Apr 18, 2011

    No Edits, you were not the only one to do an illegal u-ramp turn there. When the brown truck BACKED UP the on ramp the floodgates were opened though and drivers on capital were nice enough to let people merge in from the wrong way.

    2 HRS 25 Mins trip home. To best of knowledge no injuries so seems like a worthwhile wait.

  • fedupnow Apr 18, 2011

    It was between Capital and Yonkers Rd exit. It happened right at the Yonkers Rd exit. The line was on the side of Yonkers Rd and stretched all the way across the beltline to the Sherwin Williams side.

  • Ouroboros Apr 18, 2011

    It was a backhoe (not a truck) that swung around and caught the power pole with transformers on it. I saw the whole thing as I slammed on brakes 20 feet from where the lines came crashing down onto the beltline. Major excitement!!

  • 37 Apr 18, 2011

    Has anyone mentioned the number of exits between these two? It also is not "east of Raleigh". This occurred in Raleigh itself.

  • edits Apr 18, 2011

    Let me also add that I was not the only person that did the ILLEGAL u turn and drove the wrong way up an entrance ramp.

  • edits Apr 18, 2011

    I left work at 5 pm and am just now getting home, it is 7:10 pm. I ended up having to do an ILLEGAL u-turn on the beltline, ILLEGALLY drive up the entrance ramp to 440 from Capital Blvd. N and go to 540 to get home. I live in Clayton.

  • cdick Apr 18, 2011

    Let's see, between New Bern Ave and Glenwood Ave you have Brentwood Rd, Capital Blvd. , Wake Forest Rd, Six Forks Rd exits then Glenwood. can you pinpoint it any better ?

  • 3forme Apr 18, 2011


  • piknowles4 Apr 18, 2011

    Let's see. Not between New Bern Ave and Cap.Blvd., not between Cap. Blvd. and Old Wake Forest Rd., not between Old Wake Forest and Six Forks, not between Six Forks and Glenwood but between New Bern and Glenwood. Just stay off of the beltline I guess.