Apex residents preview Western Wake Freeway

Posted April 7, 2011
Updated April 8, 2011

— Construction of the state’s first toll road is on schedule, North Carolina Turnpike Authority officials said Thursday during an informational workshop in Apex.

During the workshop, residents got a preview of the Western Wake Freeway – a 12.6-mile segment of the Triangle Expressway toll road that is currently under construction.

The Western Wake Freeway will run from N.C. Highway 540 in western Wake County south of Interstate 40 to the North Carolina Highway 55 Bypass in Holly Springs. It is expected to open to traffic in December 2012.

Apex residents attending workshop said they welcome the driving alternative, even if it includes a toll.

“It’s going to certainly improve my ability to get to the north part of Raleigh, to the airport, to a number of places,” said John Swick, of the Wood Ridge subdivision. “I’m happy about it.”

Apex residents preview Western Wake Freeway Apex residents preview Western Wake Freeway

The Triangle Expressway will collect tolls electronically. Transponders will be the preferred method of payment for the cashless toll system, but drivers will also be able to be billed.

A Turnpike Authority spokesman said the toll for the road could be about 15 cents a mile for drivers using a transponder and 24 cents a mile for those not using one.


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  • old man sam Apr 8, 2011

    Toll roads are great if they're the only option!

    Wolfman.. Owning real property is a choice also. Perhaps you should rent until you can join the rest of us civilized folks who have no problems funding public education through reasonable property tax rates. Not everyone can afford private tuition.

  • Justanidea Apr 8, 2011

    Please stop calling it a "Freeway." It isn't. It is a Tollway. A Freeway is a FREE HIGHWAY, which is how it was originally planed. It will now be a tollway or a TOLL HIGHWAY because tolls will be collected. I could even tolerate Expressway, but this Freeway ain't Free.

  • wolfbearrtp2 Apr 8, 2011

    Vietnam Vet. You commented about what are they paving the freeway with. Well, I can tell you that road building is expensive. And no, I'm not with DOT or a contractor who builds roads. I'm in healthcare. But, I have enough foresight to think about what all goes into building roads and yeah, I can see where it can be expensive but the prices are probably over inflated. My god, just look at what we pay to buy houses. A 2000 sq ft house that sits on maybe .15 acres of land cost what.......$300,000? Just imagine buyying enough land to build a road about 200 yards wide and 12 1/2 miles long plus all equipment (road graders, bulldozers, cranes, etc, etc, etc) all the manpower plus all the steel, concrete and asphalt needed to pave that stretch of highway. It all adds up.

  • Vietnam Vet Apr 8, 2011

    A half billion dollars for 12 miles of road? What are they paving it with...dollar bills?

  • wolfbearrtp2 Apr 8, 2011

    Yea... and on and on.... like more garbage produced by your off-spring, more services used, more pollution, more crowding, and on and on and on...

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • wolfbearrtp2 Apr 8, 2011

    You folks that don't have children need to quit your belly aching about your property tax not going to schools. Everyone gets a deduction for property tax payed. Kids or no kids.. Parents get an exemption because we pump more money into the local economy because we have kids. We spend a considerable amount more of our income at the grocery store, at the doctors, at the retail stores, for college, etc.. the list goes on and on.. More money spent means more taxes collected... I'm sure you family budget is no where anywhere close to the amount I spend :D

    having kids was your choice. I don't think that I should have to pay out because of some of YOUR choices.

  • wolfbearrtp2 Apr 8, 2011

    I disagree w/ you about schools, though. There are some problems, for sure, but theoretically, your taxes are educating the people whose taxes will pay your social security later, and a proper education is potentially keeping them from breaking into your home and robbing you.
    Again, let the folks who have children pay for their education. Those people who have kids already get tax deductions for having kids. Let them take that money that they get back in a return and put it back into the education system. Don't raise everyone else's taxes to help pay for new schools. I don't have kids and I resent having to pay increases in my property taxes to pay for someone else to have kids and then to have to help them pay for educating their kids. As far as educating kids to keep them from breaking into my home and robbing me....that's the responsibility of their PARENTS.

  • Goalieman Apr 8, 2011

    "I'm THRILLED by all the whiners who refuse to pay to use the road.... less riff-raff in my way.... keep slogging it out, bumper-bumper on hiway55, Davis Drive, etc, etc. I'll waive as I go by!" - lowepg

    You go right ahead! At least I will have the $1200 at the end of the year that you will not! Matter of fact, you can pay for the whole thing...we won't mind!

  • Goalieman Apr 8, 2011

    Next question. If the tolls are from a private firm, what is the time period in which the expect to make the money back? AND, if that time period is not met, what will happen?

    I will tell you! Taxes will go up to pay them back and the road will remain tolled. So, why don't we NOT pay the private firm to spend millions of dollars on the toll system and just raise gas tax by $.01/gallon state wide. It will pay for itself a lot faster than people paying toll AND the equipment would not be needed causing it to cost less...PERIOD!

  • Goalieman Apr 8, 2011

    "goalieman. Your figures on the cost of the Western Wake Freeway are all wrong. The total cost of the 12 plus miles of the Freeway is $446,440,000. here is the address:" - wofbearrtp2

    OK...I was provided the wrong number...but...if this is the true number, it still cost $35,431,746.04 per mile! That is still way too much money!

    Besides, the original amount that was Federally sponsored was enough for the ENTIRE loop. After the "North of I-40" was built, the rest of the money was taken and used else where. NOW, we are having to use tolls for half the loop.

    Still, very unjustified!!