Second I-540 exit lane opens at I-40

Posted December 17, 2010

— The state Department of Transportation on Friday opened a second lane for westbound traffic on Interstate 540 to exit onto Interstate 40.

Work on the $7.6 million project began in March and finished two weeks ahead of schedule. Contractor C.C. Mangum of Raleigh still has some final items to complete on the project but will have to wait until next spring, when the weather is warmer, to do them, officials said.

Adding a second exit lane is expected to alleviate traffic back-ups on westbound I-540 during the morning rush hour, officials said. Improvements to I-40 as part of the project should make it easier for westbound motorists exiting at Page Road by improving the traffic flow, officials said.

The project, which was funded by the federal economic stimulus program, also included repaving seven miles of I-40 from the Durham Freeway to I-540.


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  • Red Riding Hood Dec 22, 2010, is it working? Are backups over?

  • quaten Dec 17, 2010

    There needs to be a special exit for expensive foreign cars with out-of-state license plates... they should be allowed to go ahead of everybody else.

  • quaten Dec 17, 2010

    An interesting observation. If you watch you'll see this too. The worst offenders to "butting in line" and changing lanes at the last minute, to get ahead of the queue on the off-ramp, are the expensive foreign cars. Kinda funny.

  • Red Riding Hood Dec 17, 2010

    The majority of triangle drivers are ıdiots! A second lane is not going to help at all unless hillbillies learn their left from their right, what lanes are for, and which one is for what purpose. Also need to learn how to use turn signals and rear view mirrors.

    AND move your car off to the side in fender-benders when there is not an injury!!!!!! What's with all the chit chat hanging around your pos on the interstate. Move off to the side, get everyone else out of the car to a safe place, and go wait there yourself too before the lady in the Expedition on the phone doing her makeup in the visor AND rear view mirrors creams your a§§!

  • quaten Dec 17, 2010

    For those of you who have never "experienced" a queue at toll gates on egress ramps during rush hour. You're gonna love it.

  • signothefish Dec 17, 2010

    Bendal1, why don't they put some tolls on the northern loop? It could be paid off much faster that way.

  • OpenM1nd Dec 17, 2010

    "The project, which was funded by the federal economic stimulus program, also included repaving seven miles of I-40" -- that didn't need it!

  • Bendal1 Dec 17, 2010


    The money isn't there to build the southern half of I-540 as a nontolled road. It's that simple. You can point to past decisions that spent the money elsewhere, or where the legislature took the money out of the Trust Fund and didn't pay it back, but when you get down to it the money is just not there now. Do you want to wait another 20 years so the state can save up the money? By then the cost would be even higher, and who knows if that money would be 'saved' for I-540 anyway.

    Yes it stinks that Garner and Apex get a tolled road and North Raleigh didn't. Well, the traffic is up in North Raleigh which is why it was built first, as a "freeway" and not a tolled road.

    Sorry you think Southern Wake County is getting the short end of the stick; you've always got the option of I-40 to get to RTP if you don't want to use the toll road.

  • gvngman Dec 17, 2010

    Unfortunately the DOT is lying as usual to cover its incompetence.The VERY first week it opened they were on local tv defending the stupid decision to have only one lane to exit off 540.They said and i quote"the people will get used to the one lane".unfortunately everyone who has tried to exit has taken there life in their hands as people going 65 mph are trying to squeeze into the one lane that is filled during rush hour.There have been horrible wrecks caused by this poor DOT decision.This guy should have been fired immediately back then.The public records can show the wrecks from this DOT screw up...

  • signothefish Dec 17, 2010

    The whole issue here is, we have one road - I540 - which surrounds Raleigh. The population on the northern half gets off scotch free, while those on the southern half need to pay a toll. And we all know what the ultimate destination is... RTP. If that's the way they're going to do it, either make the entire road a toll, or none at all. If none at all, then don't build the southern loop until 2035, or whenever. And yes, I live in southern Wake Co, and yes, I commute to RTP, and yes, I am furious about this toll road. As it stands, I'll be one of the dissenters who will be taking the back roads and I-40. I hope the southern loop is desolate after completion.