Bunn Middle School students injured in wreck

Posted December 10, 2010

A Franklin County activity bus was in an accident Friday. Seven students suffered minor injuries, police said.

— Seven students and the driver from a Bunn Middle School activity bus were taken to WakeMed Friday as a precaution after they were involved in a wreck, said Bill Crabtree of the Wake Forest Police Department.

 The wreck happened near the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Stadium Drive just after 11:30 a.m.

Wake Forest police said the driver of a tractor-trailer told them his brakes failed, and when he swerved to miss the bus, he side-swiped the bus and another vehicle.

Parents were called, and the 28 uninjured students were picked up by another bus and taken home. Police said any injuries to the seven students were minor and all were expected to be released from the hospital by the end of the day.


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  • gagal Dec 14, 2010

    Notice the people that were defending the Semi driver aren't really backing there stories up anymore. The guy ran the red light. Plain and simple. Feel sorry for the bus driver. she was just doing her job. Thank God no one was killed. Hope all are healing well.

  • gagal Dec 10, 2010 the truck drivers are the only ones going fast huh???? yeah, that's what I thought...So if the trucks are fast then the cars on the road must be supersonic!!!! Everyone trashes the trucker but they forget how they get everything delivered to the stores where they buy it.

    I have almost been hit 5 times at that very spot. If you live in that area you know that there are alway's wrecks there. Sometimes just cars and a lot times because some one was trying to be the light. But His breaks did fail at the other red light. People alway's fly between the 2 lights. and to answer your questions yes some of the car's are supersonic and half the time they are on a cell phone.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 10, 2010

    A week from now 1000 injury suits will be filed on the tractor trailer driver.

  • knockitoff Dec 10, 2010

    Its becasue they cannot just "release" kids and let them walk away. What if that was your child and they let them walk home and then later they had an injury.....they will release them to parents and then suggest that they seek care. Lets be thanksful that there were not deaths or your tax dollars would be going to fight to protect the school districts.

  • knockitoff Dec 10, 2010

    mugu, no actually I got quite a hefty sum but no $$ amount will take away my chronic pain. AND they really don't make much from your total settlement...but I guess your a lawyer too so you know well huh!

  • rescuefan Dec 10, 2010

    "No Sympathies - the kids should have had their parents take them or they should have walked.

    I can't believe you of all people would post something like that. Someone that you apparently knew well was hit and later died after crossing the street to school, yet you make a comment like you did? And to add to your ludicrous post, do you seriously expect middle school kids to walk to field trip destinations?

    I am glad that nobody was seriously hurt.

  • amethystdivine Dec 10, 2010

    The biggest reason there aren't more injuries and fatalities resulting from wrecks involving big trucks, is that most drivers of cars are lucky (or skilled) enough to be able to talk about a near miss with these 18-wheeled killers. I drive on I-40 and I-95 to Raleigh regularly, and more often than not, there is some psycho driving his death machine, forcing cars out of the way, or swerving from lane to lane barely missing the back end of cars. I'm going to start driving with a dash cam and report EVERY one of these incidents to the highway patrol and the company named on the truck.

  • seankelly15 Dec 10, 2010

    Mugu - I sense envy that you do not make that money that personal injury attorneys do.

  • Mugu Dec 10, 2010

    Knockitoff - So you lost out in the long run and your personal injury attorney got paid. It looks like my previous statement stands.

  • jimmy27596 Dec 10, 2010

    My daughter goes to Bunn Middle and she and her classmates were on a field trip to WF Highschool to see a play - does that clear it up for all the below room temp IQ's? Ok, she was on the second bus and said their light was green, the first bus had already got on Capitol and the truck basically ran the red light and side swiped the first bus - thank God it missed hers. But several teachers and friends were hurt, the bus driver was hurt the worst but did a great job of getting the bus stopped. I was hit several years ago by a truck hauling a half a double wide - right in Louisburg. I had been sitting at a red light when it happened. All this horse squeeze about"brakes failing" yeah right, give that driver a drug test and I'll bet you get the real story. I do not believe any trucker going down that road "suddenly" had brake failure, how did he stop at all - think about that. All ya'll worrying about lawsuits and all, just see how your tune changes when you get hit.