Ramp, lanes cleared in east Raleigh

Posted August 9, 2010

— The ramp at Interstate 440 West to U.S. Highway 264 East was shut down during the morning rush hour Monday when a tanker truck overturned there shortly after 5 a.m., according to Raleigh police.

It took most of the day to transfer the truck's payload – 48,000 pounds of food product that is used in waste water treatment – to another truck and to clear the wreck.

All lanes and the ramp re-opened just after 3 p.m., Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

The truck driver, Timothy Abernethy with Environmental Operation Solutions of Lexington, was taken to WakeMed with serious injuries, according to authorities. He was listed in good condition as of 9:15 a.m., according to hospital officials.

A Raleigh police vehicle, which was parked at the scene to help re-route traffic, was hit by a car, according to police. The officer appeared to be OK.

I-440 ramp closed due to truck crash I-440 ramp closed due to truck crash


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  • Bulldog22 Aug 9, 2010

    Mugu writes:These semi truck drivers need to be stopped... why don't we have any weigh and inspection stations in the Raleigh area? Why are all of the currently in place stations always closed?

    We need more control over these truckers before they kill again.

    so Mugu- how do you think all the products you purchase get to the stores?

  • ajeralddavis Aug 9, 2010

    You non-cdl drivers are a joke. You all are the ones probably dotting in and out of traffic thinking a truck has the same stopping distance as your car. 85% of the accident that happen with tractor trailers over turning are from car drivers doing something stupid and then flee the scene of the accident like you have done nothing. I 2005 i got charged in an accident were the women on her cell phone saw the tractor trailer i was driving and hit it anyway. It took the insurance company going to court with her to realize it was her fault. Oh btw did i mention I was parked and still got the ticket?

  • WHEEL Aug 9, 2010

    Ten hours to clear a one truck accident. I guess with a multi vehicle wreck Raleigh P.D. would just abandon the area an call DOT for a re-pave. And it's not even a hazardous material!

  • commonsensenc Aug 9, 2010

  • 5Rs Aug 9, 2010

    "I am a perfect driver. :)" - Tom M

    Yeah, and 90% of drivers are above average, just take a poll.

    And it is the Other Driver on a cell phone that can't stay in her own lane or run at an even speed, not me. And anyone who passes me is speeding, but not me.

  • Bendal1 Aug 9, 2010

    The curve is sharper than the other ramps because there's a historic park on that corner, and a commercial development. Both keep the curve from being flatter, but the ramp is still perfectly safe to drive as long as you obey the speed limit signs on it. Too many people (and truckers) seem to think that those signs mean "it's OK to go 20-30mph over" when it is not.

  • Raditude Aug 9, 2010

    I take that ramp all the time and I'm always surprised how much more of a right turn there is on that one that other ramps on 440. There have been a few overturned trucks and a bus, if I recall, in the same spot.

  • Bulldog22 Aug 9, 2010

    "I will say this the people that own the companies don't care. They need there money. I know how trucking companies work because I have been around it my whole life." Standingforwhatibelieve
    If you really believe that Trucking companies don't care, then you have been around the wrong companies. whenever an accident happens, regardless of injuries or who is at fault, a trucking company's insurance sky rockets. and the paperwork involved in just a small fender bender that doesn't result in injuries or a vehicle being towed is overwhelming, then if there are injuries, towing or clean up required - the cost and time on behalf of the trucking company is unreal, not to mention the reprecussions that come about following an accident of this type where the Feds can come in and audit your entire operation. Trucking companies DO CARE.

  • Tom Morrow Aug 9, 2010

    "No one can be a perfect driver..."

    I am a perfect driver. :)

  • mike40 Aug 9, 2010

    Wow! Non-Hazardous material. I guess it could have been a lot worse. Most of those chemicals used in Wastewater Treatment Plants are Hazardous.