Ticketing in Raleigh's Five Points raises concerns

Posted July 21, 2010

— A resurfacing project on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh has police handing out a higher number of traffic tickets and frustrated drivers calling on the mayor to do something about it.

This month, the North Carolina Department of Transportation closed Whitaker Mill and Fairview roads where they intersect with Glenwood as part of a $1.7 million project to remove crumbling asphalt.

The closure has left motorists traveling through the Five Points neighborhood contending with roadblocks and a maze of orange construction barrels and figuring out new ways to get around.

Drivers have been using the parking lot at the BP station at the corner of Glenwood and Fairview as a way to easily get through the blockade.

The issue: the city has an ordinance restricting vehicles from using parking lots to cut through to another street.

Raleigh police say they've issued about 75 citations since construction began in the area this month.

"It makes sense under normal circumstances, but this is not normal circumstances," said Bill Peebles, who owns Rialto Theatre, which sits about a block away from the intersection.

Five Points road resurfacing Raleigh drivers go to mayor over Glenwood resurfacing

Peebles and other Five Points business owners think it's unfair to target their customers and employees while the road is under construction.

Complaints have reached Mayor Charles Meeker, who's researching the problem. Although he realizes police have a job to do, he hopes a compromise can be reached.

"Certainly, there could be warnings. There could be some kind of signage warning people they should not try to cut through private property," Meeker said. "There ought to be some solution so that a motorist already inconvenienced by road construction shouldn't be further inconvenienced by a ticket."

As long as drivers are cited for the shortcut, business owners worry it could cut into their bottom line.

"I just think common sense has gone out the window," Peebles said.

Work on the $1.7 million resurfacing of Glenwood, from Wade Avenue to Women's Club Drive, began in February and was supposed to be finished in June.

Road crews, however, found crumbling concrete beneath the roadway, delaying the completion date until at least, August.


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  • dropcord2000 Jul 23, 2010

    commonsence and the law... or goverment ... DO NOT GO TOGETHER

  • mpheels Jul 22, 2010

    Big +1 commonsense2. I'll bet the owner of the gas station asked the police to help out with people violating the cut-through law. If that is the case, then I 100% expect there to be an office watching and writing tickets as necessary, just as I would expect an office to hang out in my neighborhood if I complained about speeders.

  • exquisite1 Jul 22, 2010

    Yes, cutting through a parking lot to get to another street is illegal, and when and if there is a police officer who witnesses one, then he/she should give a ticket. Point taken.

    However, with the unusually high number of citations just this month, it almost seems as if there are police officers sitting around the corner, just to catch these people and get closer to their "quota". If this is the case, I would have to say THAT is the issue, not the cut-throughs. In this day in age, it seems as though the Raleigh Police Department could certainly find more "reasonable" issues to concern themselves with. Such as, I don't know, say, assaults, burglaries, accidents, drugs, and the like.

  • odarkshineo Jul 22, 2010

    Law > Common Sense...I don't see a problem. It's not like the laws are there to serve/improve our lives or anything...

  • Mugu Jul 22, 2010

    These guys should be getting tickets for cutting through, it is against the law. These people who are complaining about getting a ticket for doing something illegal are no better than the ones who think that illegal aliens should be able to stay in this country.

  • com_mon_sents Jul 22, 2010

    The cut through is wrong, it is a law...end of discussion.
    Enough of the complaints of this area. YES it is busy, YES it is a pain to get through right now, but you sometime have to be inconv. in order for improvements. All the complaints would be from the same people that would say the complete opposite if they were to get hit after getting gas at the gas station. People will complain about everything and anything. I just wish wRAL will get a life and stop reporting on such little things. They should be reporting on the great work the DOT is doing to fix the problem here with the old 70+yo concrete slabs under that road.

  • Thhhbbbppppttt..... Jul 22, 2010

    Like a judge told me many years ago.. "Ignorance is not innocence" Pay your fine, learn a lesson and move on. People know it's wrong to take these shortcuts, they are just too busy to be inconvenienced!

  • the people Jul 22, 2010

    Petty Chargess ,show no common sense; is this what Raleigh police want to be known FOR???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P E T TT YYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • dmccall Jul 22, 2010

    Why should the city have to pay for signage to remind people of a law that is not commonly broken?

  • Tax Man Jul 21, 2010

    This is one area I avoid due to the crazy parking and so much traffic. Just not worth my time to go there. Prefer to go to places with lots of free parking and little traffic. Perhaps the merchants could build a big free parking garage - then I would visit them! It is just insane that people can park in the right lane on Glenwood that should be only for traffic! I nearly crashed there a few weeks ago - why would you allow street parking on Glenwood?????? It is a busy street that needs all lanes for traffic, not for parking!