DOT to close N.C. 540 exit onto Davis Drive

Posted May 17, 2010

— The North Carolina Department of Transportation said Monday that it will shut down the N.C. Highway 540 exit onto Davis Drive (Exit 67) in Morrisville on June 1.

Both directions will close for road crews to work on the 3.4-mile Triangle Parkway, which will run from N.C. Highway 147 in Durham to N.C. 540 in Morrisville.

The DOT recommends motorists use either the N.C. Highway 55 exit (Exit 66) or the N.C. Highway 54 exit (Exit 69) to access Davis Drive.

Work on the Triangle Parkway is expected to be complete in 2011. It is part of a larger project to build an 18.8-mile toll road called the Triangle Expressway, which will stretch from the N.C. 55 Bypass near Holly Springs to Interstate 40 at N.C. 147 in Wake and Durham counties.

Construction is also under way on the 12.6-mile Western Wake Freeway – a second segment of the Triangle Expressway. Construction is expected to be complete in 2012.


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  • baracus May 17, 2010

    Exactly, CaptainSpleen. To add on to that, there will be a Davis Dr exit off of the Triangle Expressway a mile or so up from the interchange with 540.

  • skinnyCat May 17, 2010

    Here are the representatives that are in favor of tolling and voted "Aye" (for) SB 1381:

    Representative(s): Alexander; Allen, B.; Allen, L.; Almond; Blust; Brown; Capps; Carney; Church; Clary; Cole; Coleman; Crawford; Culp; Cunningham; Current; Daughtridge; Daughtry; Dikcson; Dollar; England; Faison; Fisher; Folwell; Gibson; Goodwin; Hall; Harrell; Hill; Jeffus; Justice; Langdon; Lucas; Luebke; Martin; McGee; McLawhorn; McMahan; Michaux; Nye; Owens; Parmon; Pierce; Preston; Rapp; Ross; Spear; Stam; Stiller; Sutton; Walend; Warren; Weiss; Wilkins; Williams; Wray; Wright; Yongue

  • CaptainSpleen May 17, 2010

    "They better be using some of the existing exit loops for the new road, as there is an enormous amount concrete and asphalt for this exit! It is beyond imigaination that they would build that much extra road to only be used for 3 years."

    That is exactly what they're doing. When you take the Davis drive exit, you can see where the original exit ramps were going to be. They re-engineered the exit so that the ramps could be used with the extension to 147. If you take a look at a satellite view of the interchange on Google maps, you can see that once you lop off the end of Kit Creek, the ramps line up perfectly with the new 147 construction.

  • lgferrell May 17, 2010

    Go ahead and build the toll road. BUT why do you need to shut down one of the most important exits in RTP? Now all these people will be forced BACK on I40 causing more headache and more traffic not to mention - MORE ACCIDENTS. And if not I40, let's take them around their elbow to get to their tails... 54 through some sideroads to Davis running lights, angry and ticked off. Sounds like the way it used to be....

    Doesn't DOT have risk management involved in their projects at all?

  • pitmantj May 17, 2010

    Let me see if I understand this -- the people in all portions of Wake County north of I-40 received a gazillion miles of I-540 for free and continue to use their road to drive to work every day for free. The people in all portions of Wake County south of I-40 must pay exorbitant tolls to drive each way to work every day in order to build more of the toll road so truckers one day years from now can bypass the throughway in Raleigh. And we're counting on the folks in Morrisville, Cary, and Apex to accept work only in RTP to avoid the tolls. This toll road equals the high speed rail system in logic and fair application. It's no wonder so many of North Carolina's former finest are being investigated for pork pleasures.

  • watash60 May 17, 2010

    keep electing Dumocrats and this is the result. DOT has been nothing but screw ups for the last 16 years.

  • bigfiddlepbc May 17, 2010

    They probably needed to close it because it would be bigger and better than the exit ramps between 40 and 540 - especially getting onto 40 form 540. Some DOT and planning genius realized that if they made the other exits wider and better and more effective than the most important one on the whole road - that maybe they might look like the idiot fools they are - people who probably got their high paying jobs from the Jim Black/Mike Easley corruption as usual politics. Now the light is shining at how they must be the most ignorant "planners" in the state. So close a few ramps so that one won't look so bad.....

  • clickclackity2 May 17, 2010

    That is pretty silly. The exit hasn't been open for long at all.

  • LuvLivingInCary May 17, 2010

    what a bunch of dummies...spend money widening davis drive and now they can't even connect to 540 to go to raleigh. these people have no business spending my money.

  • ContinuityMan May 17, 2010

    Doesn't really matter to me since I won't take it once they start charging a toll. I'm not paying for the same road multiple times. If the Demotards had not raided the highway fund for teapot museums and other pet pork projects, there would not be any toll roads being built.