I-440 drops 'Inner' and 'Outer' labels

Posted March 29, 2010

— Interstate 440 in Wake County has officially dropped its Inner and Outer labels.

After a recent upgrade of signs on I-440, the Outer Beltline around the northern part of the city will now be known as I-440 West. The Inner Beltline will be referred to as I-440 East.

Signs referring to the beltline were removed, transportation officials said.

The new I-440 East and West signs are located around the 16-mile northern section of the loop between exit 293 (U.S. 1/64) and exit 301 (the I-40/440 split).

The southern section of the loop on the south side of Raleigh is now known as I-40 East and West.

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation said Monday that the changes are aimed at helping ease motorist confusion about travel on the Beltline.


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  • frosty Mar 30, 2010

    Unless it has changed the last few years the Norfolk Va area was very interesting. I-64 from Richmond goes through Newport News, Hampton Roads, Norfolk and on to Chesapeake. When it does this it curves back upon itself and at Chesapeake West is going East and East is going West. They may have changed it now.

    I-95 in DC used to go downtown and quit. (it is now I-195 I think)

    Oddities in roads is not a local only thing.

  • frosty Mar 30, 2010

    Actually I believe that I-440 started out as East/West and was changed to inner/outer to ease confusion. So now they are back to where they started. I prefer the inner/outer so you don't have to do the extra mental step to figure out where the reported accident is, for example especially if you are not know the local crossing roads.

    But there is no hope for some people.

    As for the interstate numbers, an odd number at the end (I-65) means it's North/South, even (I-40) East/West. But an odd number in the hundred slot (I-395)means it's a spur that does not reconnect with the base interstate. An even number in the hundred space (I-495) means it is a bi-pass or belt-line and will reconnect to the base interstate.

    So if I-540 is ever finished to connect to I-40 on both sides of town it should be changed, to say I-640.

  • cary1969 Mar 30, 2010


  • Bendal1 Mar 30, 2010

    Actually, I-440 has two ends, it's not a loop. I-40 runs along the south side of Raleigh, I-440 ties into it at US 1 SW of town and where I-40 heads south towards Wilmington. The removal of I-440 from the southern part of the "beltline" a few years ago was the first step, this is the final one.

    IMO the decision to hang onto the "Raleigh Beltline" name was obsolete and they should have done this 10 years ago.

  • Barely Mar 29, 2010

    The joke is: You know you're from Raleigh if you can't explain the inner and outer beltline and you've lived here your whole life. Changing the name only makes it a little more clear. Considering it is a loop you'll eventually be going west on east and east on west. Gaaahhhhhh! It's like something Willy Wonka or a Lewis Carroll character would say!

  • tazmeadowman3 Mar 29, 2010

    People if you are on the inner beltline downtown raleigh is on your right.Outer beltline on your left.

  • starletta Mar 29, 2010

    OK Everyone, All of these numbers, N/S/E/W,inner / outer, and LOGIC / Lack thereof is DRIVING me crazy! Just follow the yellow - brick - road!

  • oleguy Mar 29, 2010

    If you live down east Hwy 50 goes East and West, that is untill you get to Raleigh, Here the road becomes North and south,,, Another real dumb on is 210. Starts In Smithfield and goes to the beach, however it goes west towards Angier, then down south to Spring lake, Fort Bragg and then East to the Beach.

  • oleguy Mar 29, 2010

    A waste of time and money. The road now goes NSEW but its called either East or West.

  • th009 Mar 29, 2010

    Re: even/odd numbers: I-295 is a half-loop around Richmond, and I-495 is a half-loop around DC, so I-440 being a half-loop around Raleigh seems to make sense. I-540 is presently a spur, but when it connects to I-40 in the east, it will be a half-loop. However, the rule is flexible, so they won't have to renumber the road. I guess they'll do something like 285 around Atlanta when 540 is a full circle.