Parked cars, drivers compete for space on Glenwood Avenue

Posted March 25, 2010
Updated March 26, 2010

— A resurfacing project on Glenwood Avenue is on schedule to smooth over potholes in the Five Points neighborhood by June, but on-street parking continues to divide residents and drivers.

Some say on-street parking in the area is frustrating and dangerous, while others say it's an essential part of the old neighborhood.

Cars can be parked legally on both sides of the four-lane road. Their presence slows traffic along the thoroughfare, especially during busy travel times.

On-street parking issue in Five Points On-street parking issue in Five Points

Anna Wheless said on-street parking is disruptive for drivers. “All the sudden, there's a car, and you've got to stop and wait for everybody else to go before you can get in the left-hand lane,” she said.

David Mueller said that allowing cars to park along the street makes Five Points safer.

“I feel like traffic really needs to slow down coming through here,” he said. “It's a residential neighborhood.”

Natalie Cherbaka, who lives in the neighborhood, likes it too.

“It's kind of what makes the Five Points area feel quaint,” she said.

However, Wheless pointed to the danger. “I'm surprised we've not had more accidents than we normally have,” she said.

There are no plans to change the parking rules for Glenwood Avenue, the state Department of Transportation said, mostly because of the lack of other parking options for area businesses.

“I don't think it's the best solution, but I don't know what else you'd do,” Mueller said.

Drivers in Five Points will experience additional lane closures related to the ongoing resurfacing project. Crews planned to close both southbound lanes of Glenwood Avenue for about seven hours Saturday – from 5 a.m. to noon – to remove and replace layers of old pavement. The work will move to the northbound lanes Saturday afternoon and could last until 11 p.m.

Traffic in both directions will be detoured from Glenwood Avenue to St. Mary's Street to Fairview Road back to Glenwood Avenue.

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  • Remy Mar 26, 2010

    Street or parking? Just make it one or the other! The tax payers should not be paying for the parking for the businesses in that area, especailly if there are not parking meters.

  • lawpirate is still around Mar 26, 2010

    I'm from Raleigh and my Grandparents lived in the Five Points area. I must say, the cars parked in the right lane has always been a bit baffling to me. I have to agree with Kev. Why not just drop it down to one lane through that area instead of 'cars parked in right lane'. Give plenty of notice maybe starting at the Anderson dr. intersection and give people the time to merge. (of course there will always be the few a's that want to beat traffic and merge at the last second.)

  • DowntownJohn Mar 26, 2010

    I drive the route daily as well and sometimes I have seen cops ticketing drivers parked on the road during rush hour. Personally, I think it should be an instant tow zone during rush hour.

  • piknowles4 Mar 26, 2010

    All you poor inconvenienced people. Sounds like most of you complainers use this route regularly. A little advise - TAKE A DIFFERENT ROUTE!

  • bullethole357 Mar 25, 2010

    I can remember driving through Raleigh before the Beltline and Crabtree. Five Points was on the very edge of town. Glenwood was and still is Highway 70. I live near Crabtree and work downtown. Glenwood to Wade is the quickest and most efficient way for me to get there. Chaps me bad when I get to Five Points and there sits a Porsche, BMW, or some other yuppiemobile parked in the right hand lane at 7:30 AM. Everyone, including several school buses, has get in the left lane so some inconsiderate so & so can get his croissant and latte. Don't be upset and outraged when someone tears off the left side. It is state HIGHWAY. Do not park there during rush hour, it's just plain stupid.

  • Ishmael Mar 25, 2010

    Sorry, transition to one lane.

  • Ishmael Mar 25, 2010

    Not a bad idea kevboom, but I think there would still be some significant bottle-necking in the morning commute. As you're going south on Glenwood past Crabtree, Glenwood is three lanes, so it may not be enough distance to transition to three lanes without creating congestion. But I agree that people unfamiliar with the area or not paying attention create a bigger problem by not switching lanes soon enough. There really isn't a conspicuous enough notice.

  • Ishmael Mar 25, 2010

    Agreed wjcs. My car is relatively new and was in good shape until I had to commute to downtown via Glenwood for work -- two flat tires and complete realignment in the last two months. Tried multiple detours via 440, but adds at least 10-20 minutes one-way on commute times.

  • Wheelman Mar 25, 2010

    You got it kevboom!

  • rand321 Mar 25, 2010

    with all the Hillsborough street mess and now round a bouts, glenwood needs to have all the lanes opened to traffic. that is vital for a thriving downtown.