Wrecks on I-40 injure six people

Posted March 1, 2010
Updated March 2, 2010

— At least four wrecks within three miles of each other on Interstate 40 sent five people to the hospital and backed up traffic for up to eight miles Monday morning.

Multivehicle pile-up shuts down Interstate 40 Multivehicle pile-up shuts down Interstate 40

Sgt. Jorge Brewer, with the state Highway Patrol, said that the first, chain-reaction wreck started with a two-vehicle collision near exit 284 to Airport Boulevard around 8:45 a.m.

Traffic started backing up, he said, and a tractor-trailer rear-ended a Honda Accord and a Saturn sedan stopped near exit 287 to Harrison Avenue. The Saturn spun around and collided with a Camry, which then struck an Audi and a Nissan.

Sky 5 flies over I-40 tractor-trailer wreck Sky 5 flies over I-40 tractor-trailer wreck

Another wreck occurred on I-40 East, between Airport Boulevard and Aviation Parkway, about an hour later.

The driver of the Honda, Gerald Reid, 43, of Raleigh, was listed in critical condition at Duke, officials said.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Thomas Harris, 43, of Roseboro, sustained minor injuries. The driver of the Saturn, Karen Jensen, 39, Camry driver Phyllis Burt, 60,  Audi driver, David Coker and Nissan driver Ronbatius Dean, 32, all of Raleigh, also suffered minor injuries.

The highway was shut down for about two hours, and at one point, westbound traffic was backed up for about eight miles, past the U.S. 1/64 interchange to Gorman Street in Raleigh. 

"It's all the way into Raleigh," said driver Desiree Gates, of Clayton, as she in traffic near Harrison Avenue shortly before 11 a.m. "I left my house at 9 o'clock. I'm supposed to be at work at 10."


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  • opuntia Mar 4, 2010

    FYI the man listed in critical condition at Duke after this accident passed away today. Please pray for his family, especially his wife and children.

  • oleguy Mar 1, 2010

    They need to reduce the speed on the belt line to no faster than 50 MPH, Large cities on interstates set up safety zones and set the speed at 50. Then they enforce it. I work on the roads around raleigh and the traffic is running 80 and no less than 1 in 3 are on the phone, playing with them dash map things or reading a book.

  • chance Mar 1, 2010

    And here's a Shout Out to the Brainiac in the Red Car that made a last minute cut across two lanes of traffic on Wade Ave/I40 around 8:30am this morning because they realized they had merged onto Wade Avenue instead of staying on I-40. To make it REAL for you ... I am the single mother with 2 children who came within seconds of hitting you while going 60 mph. I had absolutely no time to slow down nor did the other person in the lane to the left of me who you also cut off. Then again, had I actually slammed on my breaks to avoid you I still would have been hit from behind because everybody else was also traveling at 60+mph. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE FACT YOU CAME WITHIN SECONDS OF LEAVING TWO CHILDREN PARENTLESS TODAY!!!!! Would it have been worth the extra 5 minutes it would have taken to continue on Wade and turn around at the next exit?

  • Tommylee Mar 1, 2010


  • Mr. Middle of the Road Mar 1, 2010

    So cwood, you are agreeing with my proposal that if we all drive big rigs there will be fewer fatalities? Forget Al Gore and all that liberal nonsense about running out of oil one day! Inside the earth is a big place, I bet there is plenty of petrol down there.

  • PirateHeist Mar 1, 2010

    "Those that drive the Autobahn do so on concrete or bituminous pavement that is three times the thickness of what we use here in USA, the road have to be stable to support high speeds or the cars will not stay on the road."


    That's why you charge a monthly fee for those that want to partake. Eventually it would probably bring in more revenue in addition to self maintenance.

  • dugmeister Mar 1, 2010

    I have a way of dealing with tailgaters. let's say the speed limit is 60 and I am going the obligatory 65. Someone comes up and starts riding my tail. I gently let up on the gas, and ever so slowly, I decrease speed say 58mph, then I steadily increase say back up to 65-66 mph... then back down.. then back up... what happens with the moron tailgater is that they keep speeding up... then hitting brake... speeding up.. then hitting brake. Like a dog, they eventually will learn. It works and it also doesn't 'throw down the road rage gauntlet' when hitting your brakes to fend off tailgaters.

  • imback Mar 1, 2010

    "All of you who say NC people are bad drivers must keep in mind that most of the people in this area is not from here!! I don't know anyone that has grown up here"

    That's true with just about anywhere in the country nowadays. I don't know too many people who have lived their entire life in one state. Those that do typically have less ambition or settle for a job.

  • james27613 Mar 1, 2010

    Too many drivers on their cell phones and not paying attention to what is going on around the.

    Or that woman that applies her eye makeup daily on her commute.

  • james27613 Mar 1, 2010

    Those that drive the Autobahn do so on concrete or bituminous pavement that is three times the thickness of what we use here in USA, the road have to be stable to support high speeds or the cars will not stay on the road.

    Easy solution to many accidents.. create an "autobahn" lane for more aggressive drivers