Deadly Orange County intersection being redesigned

Posted December 21, 2009

— The state Department of Transportation on Monday will start redesigning an intersection in northern Orange County where wrecks have killed three people since September 2008.

At the intersection of Guess Road and N.C. Highway 57, a wreck killed Susan Tamer, 36, and Jane Beasley, 61, a mother and daughter from Georgia, on Nov. 27. Saul Solis-Morales died in a wreck on Sept. 26, 2008.

In both wrecks, a vehicle ran a stop sign on Guess Road and t-boned a vehicle on N.C. 57.

An investigation by DOT found that the traffic volume and number of wrecks at the intersection warranted more safety measures, according to a press release from the agency.

On Monday, crews will install stop signs on N.C. 57 and an overhead, flashing red light. Stop bars and pavement markings and signs will also be set up to alert drivers to the new traffic pattern.

DOT issued instructions for drivers on how to navigate the newly redesigned intersection.

Long-term plans include setting up a full set of traffic lights and adding turn lanes to N.C. 57. DOT expects to award a contract for the project in April, after purchasing land and moving utility poles.


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  • rhondajohnson1983 Dec 22, 2009

    hereandnow99 - I remain dumbfounded!!!!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 22, 2009

    Rhonda, you answered none of my questions and therefore are “dumbfounded”. Let me simplify it.
    -Is it helpful for experienced drivers to comment on road situation and driving habits?
    -Why is gov’t the answer to people not paying attention?
    -Where do YOU draw the line between gov’t responsibility and driver responsibility?

    You statement that you would endorse “anything” to be safe is ludicrous. If you lived next to this intersection, would you really endorse an enormous (20’), stroboscopic, noise-making sign?...when all drivers need to do is PAY ATTENTION. If so, why don’t they make this norm for ALL intersections? Pretty insane, dontchathink?

  • FromClayton Dec 22, 2009

    those strips on the road are no joke! If you go flying over them you will damage your car. Which is fine with me. I much rather people damage their own car then tbone mine.

  • helloworld Dec 21, 2009

    I am worried that the stop sign on 57 won't stop the traffic on 57. At that point, cars are flying by. Rumble strips should be like the ones on Murray Ave and Maryland Ave in Durham. If you don't roll over them slowly, your car will 'bottom out' on them!

  • Bendal1 Dec 21, 2009


    What part of "nearly all exit ramps on the interstate are on the right side" do you not understand? That's why I didn't say "ALL" exit ramps are on the right side; because there are some on the LEFT side and yes, they are heavily signed with lots of "exit LEFT" signs alerting you that something is different, you know, something you don't EXPECT as a DRIVER.

    Just like a road with miles of no stop signs suddenly having one. Drivers get accustomed to not seeing something, it messes with their expectations when conditions change.

    Note I'm not excusing what has happened at this intersection, only trying to explain a possible reason why this perfectly ordinary intersection has more crashes than it ought to.

  • rhondajohnson1983 Dec 21, 2009

    hereandnow99 - I am totally dumbfounded at your comments. Some intersections are generally more dangerous than others and need more than a stop sign. As to what I would endorse......anything that is necessary to help folks be safe!!!

  • irishale Dec 21, 2009

    "Almost every interstate exit on the left side of the road that I've seen is marked with a big, yellow "LEFT EXIT" sign."

    Just like the intersection in question is marked with several big signs and a blinking light.

    I'm glad they're doing something to try to stop people from getting killed at this intersection.


    I am HORRIFIED at listening to all of you try to explain away any responsibility for running the stop sign. This intersection has very good line of sight to the blinking light and stop signs. No excuses.

  • Vincenzo R. Abacus Dec 21, 2009

    "You might want to talk to the DOT about the off ramp locations. I know of at least a couple in Greensboro that don't follow that trend."

    Almost every interstate exit on the left side of the road that I've seen is marked with a big, yellow "LEFT EXIT" sign. Sometimes due to history or geography, a left exit is just unavoidable. I think the point Bendal1 was trying to make is that wherever possible, we should strive for consistency in signage and signals.

  • Commenter Dec 21, 2009

    Even if the occasional person doesn't stop, it's still safer to have a 4 way. The law-abiding driver when stopped will have chance to look around and maybe notice that the other guy isn't going to stop.

  • Arcturus Dec 21, 2009

    While it's a shame that people on 57 will have an extra stop, there definitely seems to be a problem with inattentive drivers running the stop signs on Guess. I've seen several such accidents at that intersection. Hopefully making it a four-way stop will save lives and prevent property damage.