Turnpike Authority receives $386M loan for state's first toll road

Posted July 13, 2009

— The North Carolina Turnpike Authority will receive a $386 million loan from the federal government to help pay for North Carolina's first toll road.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced Monday that the loan – under the department's Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act – will help finance the rest of construction on the 18.8-mile Triangle Expressway in western Wake County.

The TIFIA loan program makes it possible to finance highway projects with flexible repayment terms.

The Turnpike Authority will toll the new highway to pay back the loan. It is also expected to sell more than $600 million in bonds to complete the project's total cost of more than $1.1 billion.

The Northern Wake Expressway, the first of the three sections of the Triangle Expressway, opened in July 2007 and stretches 2.8 miles from N.C. Highway 54 in Morrisville to N.C. Highway 55 near the Research Triangle Park.

The second leg of the Triangle Expressway, the Triangle Parkway, could open as early as 2011. The 3.4-mile stretch runs from N.C. Highway 147 in Durham to N.C. Highway 540 in Morrisville.

The 12.6-mile Western Wake Freeway, from N.C. 55 near Research Triangle Park to N.C. 55 between Holly Springs and Apex, could open as the third section by 2012.

Construction on the Tirangle Parkway and Western Wake Freeway could begin in August.


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  • james27613 Jul 14, 2009

    hi, tunnels and bridges in NY City have high tolls because of the expensive repairs, painting and security along with insurance.
    The TBTA carries big insurance policies for destruction along with revenue loss. Add the pension plans to this and that is why the tolls are high.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 14, 2009

    "North Carolina is among the greatest and most progressive states in the nation. - architect"

    Translation, North Carolina is a state that has a lot of Socialist programs in place and the taxes are sky high to pay for them.

    Progressive is a code word used by liberals, leftists, socialists, marxists, and populists to describe policies that support their causes.

    More change (socialism) that you can count on from our Socialist President Obama and Socialist Governor Perdue.

  • NC is my home Jul 14, 2009

    The state's first toll roads should be the Interstates, used by out-of-state, non-NC tax-payers. I'm tired of paying for something everybody else is using! Anytime I leave the state, I pay tolls. So they should pay to come through here too.

  • Nobody but Carolina Jul 14, 2009

    FYI, 64 is not a NC Highway, it is a US highway. Also, thjese roads weren't "free" either. We did get taxed for them. At the moment, they just aren't looking to toll them as there would be either too much red tape to go through with the Feds to get a toll on them or too much federal money would have to be paid back that tha state can't afford right now to be able to put a toll on it.

  • foetine Jul 13, 2009

    a small fee to ride this road will cost $3,000 a year minimum, will the tollbooth authority quit their a few dollars campaign

  • skinnyCat Jul 13, 2009

    A car getting 30 mpg will pay $4.20 toll ($0.14/mile) for every gallon used on the turnpike. Too rich for me.

  • architect Jul 13, 2009

    $11 toll to cross Verrazano Bridge in NY
    $8 toll Holland/Lincoln Tunnels into Manhattan
    $4000 per year for auto insurance in NY/NJ
    $7 for a box of cereal at all Manhattan grocery stores
    $5.29 for bag of OREOs
    NCDOT maintains 80,000 miles of roads (2nd highest in nation) NC must provide services for its 9.5 million residents Sheriffs of small NC towns make about $25k a year _________________________ The never-ending and utterly useless complaining about NC, the federal government, etc. is comical. North Carolina is among the greatest and most progressive states in the nation. After living in several other states, including Georgia, I realize how intelligent and conscientious the people running NC actually are.

  • Ladybug Jul 13, 2009

    I think this is so unfair to the people that live in that area. If I were them I would take any road I could to avoid the toll road. If 540 is going to be a toll road, then it should be a toll road all the way to the end!

    This is very unfair! Wake up! Don't use it! I certainly won't if I have to go that way!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 13, 2009

    The road will be boycotted by the traveling public and then the government will raise our taxes to pay off the debt of building the toll road.

    More change (socialism) that you can count on from our Socialist President Obama and Socialist Governor Perdue.

  • smitty Jul 13, 2009

    The dump trucks will be getting a free ride. They intend to use a license plate camera to collect tolls. When is the last time you saw a license plate on a dump truck?