N.C. gas-tax cap disappears July 1

Posted June 29, 2009

— Beginning July 1, the cap on North Carolina's gasoline tax will become the tax base, and there will be no limit to how high it can go.

The tax was set to drop Wednesday from 29.9 cents per gallon to 27.8 cents, but legislation signed into law earlier this month now sets the minimum for the next two years at 29.9 cents.

Limit on state gas tax expiring Limit on state gas tax expiring

The Department of Transportation said that because of it, the state lost $400 million in potential revenue over the past six months that could have been used to fix roads.

Keeping the tax at 29.9 cents will generate an estimated $50 million from July 1 to December 31, the DOT predicts.

The gas tax, which is tied to the wholesale price of fuel, is set every six months. The next time it can be increased is December.

North Carolina drivers are paying an average of $1.35 per gallon less than this time last year. Without a cap, a gallon would have been more than 10 cents higher.


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  • NANA13 Jul 1, 2009

    Remember these type of actions from our state politicians next election and don't fall for the pretty slogans and cinderella promises.

  • goobnav Jul 1, 2009

    NeverSurrender, thank you. Mako get a life, since your obivous agenda is to intimidate with a large amount of dis-information and insults. People like you exist for one reason and one reason only and you have proven that point.

  • NeverSurrender Jul 1, 2009

    "Sixth, and most important, NCDOT funding has remained flat for the last six years, while construction costs have about doubled. Meanwhile, there are more and more trucks and cars on the road. If it was run like a business, fees would have gone up years ago."


    Which makes one wonder when the government-approved inflation numbers (even including the volatile food/energy components) over those same six years comes nowhere close to justifying doubling the costs of construction.

    Even accepting that true inflation once you factor in the deficits and all of the "off-budget" items that don't appear in the accounting is probably closer to 4-5% per year...where in the world is the other 70-75% of that increase in costs coming from?!?

    I can name that tune in two words...MISMANAGEMENT and GREED.

    I wouldn't have a problem with taxation for the public good. However, we're subjected to unnecessary taxation to put billion$ into the pockets of greedy politicians and thieves with corporations!

  • romex Jun 30, 2009


  • Nancy Jun 30, 2009

    When the government spends responsibly, I'll quit being ticked off about yet 'another tax increase'.

    That should happen, oh, let's say, sometime after all politicians die.

  • groovyguru Jun 30, 2009

    "Let the prices soar and see how many of us STOP traveling.. Let them get figure out how to get their $$ then!"

    That's easy, raise the rates. Remember when everyone started conserving water because of the drought? NEVER underestimate the ability of politicians to STEAL our money. They'll just raise the license renewal and inspection fees.

  • oldschooltarheel Jun 30, 2009

    Plan to take my assets, my business & spouse's income (job is portable) to Wyoming ASAP! NC is not beautiful or climatically enticing enough to suffer these bloodsuckers in the Legislature any longer.

  • MakoII Jun 30, 2009


    Tell me, oh guru, just HOW on earth being FOR the Gas Tax benefits WRAL?

    Just HOW on earth does being God or Bill Gates or Sam the Postal Worker have to do with an opinion on the Gas Tax?

    Your Ad Hominem fallacy might seem clever to your small mind, but how it can pass logical muster with anybody who is against the gas tax is beyond me.

    I have an opinion which I've supported with reasons why I'm for it. Services, increased programs, maintenance, etc.

    What have YOU posted other than a "he's a green man from mars" kind of, (what will pass the moderators censorship here), lunacy argument.

    Oh, YOU are "Against the Gas Tax" only because you, uh, work as a McDonald's store manager. Yeah, THAT wins my insane argument!

    Geez, I'm like arguing on a mental ward.

  • Timetogo Jun 30, 2009

    DOT didn't lose $$ because of the low gas price. Let the prices soar and see how many of us STOP traveling.. Let them get figure out how to get their $$ then!

  • colliedave Jun 30, 2009

    The DOT has done a good job with what it has. And just because money has been "mismanaged" doesn't mean it's been thrown away.
    It's been diverted to other needy programs. Wrongly, but not lost to nothing.

    Yep, such as the John Coltrane and teapot museums. When someone wants to push his agenda, his projects becomes very needy.