DOT cutting back on pothole repairs

Posted February 12, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— It appears the economic crisis is breaking more than just the bank.

The state Department of Transportation says funding is running low and that means it has to be more selective with road-repair projects.

pothole Got a pothole? Fixing it might have to wait

DOT now is repairing only potholes that are more than 1.5 inches deep or go below the first layer of pavement. DOT says it won't jeopardize safety, however, and will fix any pothole that could be hazardous.

The DOT expects the federal economic stimulus package to help pave the way for a smoother ride.

The American Society of Civil Engineers says that every dollar spent to maintain roads and highways saves $16 that taxpayers don't have to pay to repair the roads later.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Feb 13, 2009

    Quick spending money on un-needed socialist programs like the failed "more and four" and spend it on infrastructure.

    Our state wouldn't be out of money if it spend it's money wisely and quit spending on un-needed and failed socialist programs.

  • pbjbeach Feb 13, 2009


    you are 100 % correct here with your posting as stated above

  • pbjbeach Feb 13, 2009

    conti is a part of the problem to begin with an not the fixer of all he is knee deep envolved with the business enity that are at the very heart of the problems within ncdot from the start as that his past is supect as that he originally comes from the business side of the process. the governor needs to appoint someone that has come up through the ranks from within ncdot an know the department inside out as the secetary of transportaion an then give them the authority that they need an allow them to hire an fire mangers that refuse to let their people to perform their jobs an for these same employees to be allowed to enforce the state speceficiations for roads an bridges an the elments in the contracts an proposals pertaing to the building of highway roads an bridges an also the items as outlined in the state construction manuals thank you

  • affirmativediversity Feb 13, 2009

    Hey maybe Bev Perdue can give the money she'll be spending for her "Charlott Satelitte Office" to road maintenance INSTEAD!

  • yabbadabbadooo Feb 13, 2009

    this should be neat.... with rising fuel costs, people are driving more vehicles like scooters / motorcycles.... a nice pothole in the apex of a curve and you're in trouble.

    they'll start repairing them again with the first few lawsuits over vehicular deaths, when the attorneys can show that a pothole of 1" that could have been repaired wasn't.... then that pothole will cost the state (taxpayers) quite a bit of money...

    "the million dollar pothole"

  • White Eagle Feb 13, 2009

    The American Society of Civil Engineers says that every dollar spent to maintain roads and highways saves $16 that taxpayers don't have to pay to repair the roads later.

    NC DOT - penny wise, pound foolish.

  • killerkestrel Feb 13, 2009

    When materials, labor, and equipment cost more, and revenues go down, how can NCDOT continue to repair roads? Sure there is some waste, but that's the pet projects of the general assembly. NCDOT employees can't cut that back. They are just left to fix what they can for pennies on the dollar.

  • spentrounds-full auto Feb 12, 2009

    Waiting for uncle obama to give them more money to do their job. It is still our tax dollars paying for this. DOT is a joke and has been for many years. Gene Conti (sp) has been, and still is, part of the good ol boy network within DOT that maintains the status quo.

  • LEG Feb 12, 2009

    Must be a Wake County thing. Some other areas are doing minor patching in wheelpaths and pavement edges of primary and higher traffic roads. Article doesn't say who with DOT stated this. Wonder who made this decision?

  • atc2 Feb 12, 2009

    NC DOT is a JOKE! They are pocketing taxpayer money and drinking coffee while 4-8 guys stand around doing nothing.