Less red means more green for Raleigh drivers

Posted August 5, 2008

— City crews are adjusting the timing on traffic lights along some major thoroughfares to help traffic move more smoothly.

Crews are synchronizing the lights on Capital Boulevard between Highwoods Boulevard and New Hope Church Road; on U.S. Highway 401 South between Garner Station Boulevard and Simpkins Road; on Glenwood Avenue between Pasquotank Drive and Creedmoor Road; and on Creedmoor Road between Plaza Place and Brennan Drive.

"We get reminded that gas is high and that we need to improve certain intersection or certain streets," said H.L. Humphries, the city's traffic signal manager. "Every time you stop, you're burning fuel. So if we can move them through more efficiently, then they're saving fuel and saving time."

Local commuters won't be the only drivers saving money on gas by reducing idling time at red lights. Humphries said Raleigh also will cut its fuel bill on city vehicles.

The effort is the first stage of a $28 million upgrade to Raleigh's traffic signal system. Next year, the city plans to begin installing new control equipment, software, fiber-optic lines, signals and traffic cameras.

Improved traffic flow also reduces emissions from idling cars, which would help air quality, Humphries said.

The map below shows the road where crews have started adjusting the timing of traffic signals:


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  • rc4nc Aug 6, 2008

    Just get rid of the 4 minute cycle. No one should have to sit at any light for more than 2 minutes.

  • TheAdmiral Aug 6, 2008

    The cities, counties and the DOT will tell you that lights every 10 feet slow down traffic. And they like that because they consider it as promoting safety.

    But what they don't tell you is that it increases pollution. How? Start and Stop driving. You stop, and it increases pollution from the brake dust, and you accelerate and it increases the amount of CO2 in the Air.

    Understand Liberals, this is your government proclaiming knowledge that overtakes science. Unfortunately, the government in this case promotes unhealthy air over safety.

    The money that was used for this project has long since been spent on Meekers re-election and was never intended to be put to use.

    I mean after all, you need to be re-elected over the health of the communities that you are to serve.

  • 5Rs Aug 5, 2008

    We need a web site so that the poor (that is, no cash left) consumers can identify the intersections that need resetting and during what times they should be changed. For instance, Sandy Forks and Spring Forest should be much shorter cycles outside of busy times.

  • daddyham Aug 5, 2008

    I support the suggestion from CollieDave. During the non-rush hours set the signals for the main arteries to flashing yellow and the side streets to flashing red. So many times a driver is having to stop unnecessarily at a signal when there isn't anything approaching from the side. What's the point?

    One other addition: Replace the residential stop signs with yield signs. When there isn't anything approaching from either direction, many drivers are already slowly running the stop signs. Why not make it legal?

  • boston t Aug 5, 2008

    I hope they will work on the light at Varsity Dr. and Western Blvd. It's red, on Varsity, for over 3 minutes 24/7. Big waste at night and weekends.

  • missdawg Aug 5, 2008

    I'll believe this when I see it. I have no reason to believe that the state will do anything that involves them collecting less of our tax money than they already do.

  • teacher-mom Aug 5, 2008

    This is an excellent idea. It is past due. I hope more cities do this. We need to save time and fuel.

  • iamrunningalong Aug 5, 2008

    It's about TIME they started doing this. The lights in this whole area are so messed up! Capital and Durant is horrible, Wake Forest Road and 440, etc. Agree with other poster on flashing lights after a certain time so the "main" road is green and side streets are yellow or red - makes so much more sense!!!

  • Pineview Style Aug 5, 2008

    I thought that they were going to do this 2 years ago. I thought that I heard Mark Roberts crowing about light syncro while he was still at WRAL?

  • obs Aug 5, 2008

    I'll be happy when the entire map is green.

    Every time I visit any other city, basically anywhere, it reminds me of how long our lights are.