Day 2 much smoother for Clayton Bypass drivers

Posted June 11, 2008

— The newly opened Clayton Bypass got up to speed Wednesday. After morning-rush congestion Tuesday, traffic flowed smoothly from the bypass onto I-40 westbound for most of the morning.

Brief back-ups at the merge were evident between 6:45 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., but they quickly cleared.

On Tuesday, I-40 speeds averaged about 30 mph at one point. Westbound delays began just past Highway 42 and continued beyond the bypass.

The state Department of Transportation estimated drivers could save about 15 minutes by taking the U.S. Highway 70 Bypass around Clayton – for 22 hours of the day.

The other two hours are during the morning rush hour as cars flow – often slowly – toward Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park.

The backup is, DOT says, an Interstate 40 issue and not something the bypass can help. The bypass puts drivers into the I-40 line farther east than other routes, and westbound I-40 is still westbound I-40.

DOT says the bypass is intended to ease congestion on U.S. 70, not the interstate, and to give drivers better information about their commutes so they can decide what routes to take.


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  • ncwebguy Jun 11, 2008

    US 70 the Third was better today because more people took US 70 the Second and this is "news". It is good news in the sense that maybe, just maybe, people are figuring out the doesn't help them. It is sad that it will take a while, but if they were smarter, they would see the hidden costs of living out in the country. But they "save money" by living out there while spending gas and time communting everywhere.

    The "equity formula" that robbed Wake to pay Johnston will rob Raleigh again to pay for the I-40 widening in the near future.

    The Highway trust fund was not raided, it did not receive the sales tax on new car sales it never should have received to begin with. "Living within your budget" somehow doesn't apply to DOT in the eyes of people on here.

  • dsms6556us Jun 11, 2008

    I think of the Clayton Bypass on a positive note.

  • dsms6556us Jun 11, 2008

    I agree with the following comments from Monky,Bobsidel,Jarhead3 Xiaoding byself and the Nda Hghwybldg. As a Clayton resident I will continue to enjoy the bypass because it saves me time to commute from Clayton to RTP and RTP to Clayton.

  • The Fox Jun 11, 2008

    It typically takes a month for traffic to settle down on a new highway. Drivers will experiment with different routes and things will eventually settle down.

    Also remember that for every minute of delay it takes 4 minutes for the traffic to recover. So if there is one indecisive driver (aside from accidents) going too slow for example, the ripple effect occurs at that spot long after they're gone.

  • tgw Jun 11, 2008

    I choose not to live in Raleigh. You have to much crime, to high taxes, to many crazy drivers, to many stop lights,...
    In other words, I do not want to live in Raleigh-been there - done that!!

    The problem is our legislature took money from the trust fund that could have widened I-40 and put it in the budget so it would balance. They did not want to cut some other program or budget-so they robbed Peter to pay Paul. This type of crazyness will continue as long as one party dominates Jones St. GO FIGURE!!

  • NdaHghwyBldg Jun 11, 2008

    Chivegas: You do understand that the money used for the US 70 Bypass comes from a different pool than the $$ that would be used to add lanes to I-40? The two counties are in different Highway Divisions and they have different money that they can program and use.

    I agree that in a perfect world where planning ideas are put into action, I-40 should have been widened prior to the bypass being built. That isn't the case, and it seems this morning things went much smoother. Hopefully, that will continue.

    By the way, some of us can't afford to live close to Raleigh. It's just too expensive. I for one would love to live closer to downtown, but can't afford it.

  • b4self Jun 11, 2008

    Today was much better ,and the traffic or lack of it thru Clayton yesterday afternoon was much better, so maybe we need to give this time as see how it goes.

  • ewebb3 Jun 11, 2008

    I agree with PaulRevere and Chivegas!~

  • Xiaoding Jun 11, 2008

    Today it worked like it was planned, same as yesterday! There have been backups at 40/42 for months now, now it has just moved a bit west. My commute was 10 min. shorter today.

  • PaulRevere Jun 11, 2008

    I'm not eating my words because the central issue still stands. Traffic is still being dumped into 2 lanes of interstate where it would normally dump into 3 lanes.