DOT Looking Into Cracked Pavement on I-795

Posted January 31, 2008

— The North Carolina Department of Transportation is analyzing and testing a stretch of road surface on Interstate 795 to find out why the pavement is cracking.

The 21-mile stretch of Interstate 795, which runs from Wilson to Goldsboro, opened two years ago. Since then, the surface has started cracking in a 2.5-mile stretch.

"At this point, we really don't know what's happening in this small area along the 21-mile project," DOT division engineer Ricky Greene said.

Greene said there are approximately 20 potholes along the stretch of roadway and that no other parts of it appear to be cracking.

The DOT is considering repaving the stretch. That would cost at least an estimated $1 million. If the DOT determines the entire project should be repaved, the cost would be closer to $7 million.

Rep. Ty Harrell, D-Wake, says the situation is not acceptable, especially since the DOT recently had to fix parts of Interstate 40 for more than $20 million.

"Somebody has to pony up money, and it's going to be the taxpayer. They want to know why," Harrell said.

The DOT says the issue with the stretch of roadway on I-795 and the one on the 10-mile stretch of I-40 in Durham County are unrelated.

DOT officials said they will start looking into whether trucks on I-795 are driving with loads heavier than the legal limit.


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  • djofraleigh Feb 1, 2008

    State DOT inspectors check all along the way, from the prep of the grade, the quality of the CABC rock/dirt base, the grade, compaction, the material strength of the concrete, the laying of the concrete, the weight of loads on the road, and the granting of over-weight permits. Even the losest bidder has to pass all the daily inspections along the way!

    What about the miles of crack along I-440 from Cary to Garner? What about the terrible concrete at the entrance from I440 to 64 east by-pass? That was bad from day one!!! Who was the inspector fired, the company fined? The N&O had a great piece on the state of the highways.

  • wralfan Feb 1, 2008

    Of course the pavement is cracking... the article did say DOT was involved.

  • Tolip Feb 1, 2008

    Just dance the Lindo Lindy, and pay up Noth Calina. Had enough yet? Shakin my head!!

  • ANGEL+3 Feb 1, 2008

    the contractors are picked by the lowest bidder, you have little choice there i think.

  • Z Man Feb 1, 2008

    Let me guess... the new layer of concrete was not applied correctly. New fault lines were not aligned with the fault lines of the existing concrete and the fault cuts are not deep enough. Don't worry, they'll tear up the new concrete and lay asphalt at minimal expense to the taxpayer (of course asphalt roads last 5 years and concrete 30+).

    Let me see, where have I heard this before?

  • beachboater Feb 1, 2008

    "So, to get around the feds who didn't want to change, US-117 was made into I-795"

    I think the Feds are the ones that hand out the I in I-795 so I don't think they were "getting around" the feds.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Feb 1, 2008

    Actually, I'm starting to feel sorry for DOT many cra ppy contractor mistakes do they have to deal with?

  • rpk007 Feb 1, 2008

    Repaving would be a "band-aid" and a waste of money.

  • hi_i_am_wade Feb 1, 2008

    Since this is a government operation, the company that did shoddy work won't be required to pay anything. But this whole I-795 mess is insane to begin with. It was US-117, but for some stupid reason the federal government said big trucks couldn't drive on US-117, freeway or no freeway. So, to get around the feds who didn't want to change, US-117 was made into I-795. So we have incompetence on the builder, on the state, and of the federal government. What a combination.

  • m0nky Feb 1, 2008

    here comes the DOT bashing...