Higher Vehicle Taxes, Fees Could Drive Toll Road Projects

Posted July 26, 2007

— Drivers who don't use toll roads might still have to pay for their construction under a proposal under consideration by state lawmakers.

Sen. Clark Jenkins, D-Edgecombe, has introduced a bill that would raise vehicle registration fees by $15 and the sales tax on vehicles by 1 percent to generate money to build toll roads. The changes could bring in $300 million for new roads, he said.

"They need to start the process in 60 to 90 days, or they will miss the window of opportunity that could delay it as much as two years," Jenkins said.

Money would go to several toll projects, including $18 million for the proposed Triangle Expressway to connect the Durham Freeway with Interstate 540 in western Wake County, and would be divided among the state's highway districts, he said.

The bill, which is in the Senate Finance Committee, also would earmark money for projects to relieve traffic congestion in major corridors in urban areas.

But some lawmakers and drivers said they don't like the idea.

"It just seems like, every time we turn around, we've got some kind of increased tax. (It's) always for a good purpose, but you've got to look at the big picture, you know. When do you stop adding on these additional taxes?" said state Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake.

"I'm against that myself. I think they use ... all the money they're already getting from us," driver Rodney Martin said.


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  • ncnurse Jul 27, 2007

    GREAT! Another new tax. Aren't our legislators wonderful? I wish they were in Raleigh 365 days a year. At the end of the year we would have 365 new taxes to pay.

    They can't solve the death penalty debacle, but they can sure as heck think of new ways to tax us.

  • TruthBKnown Jul 27, 2007

    I saw on the news last night they were talking about some "temporary tax" that was about to expire, and they're now going to make it permanent (or at least propose to).

    That is why we need to fight vehemently against ANY tax increase, even if they label it "temporary". Once politicians get their greedy, grubby, fat little fingers on our wallets, they don't want to let go without a fight. I say we give 'em one!!!!

  • Jack_Q_Public Jul 27, 2007

    So they raise taxes & fees to build more roads. The newly expanded roads allow for comfortable growth of The Triangle ever further from the urban centers, AND THEN WE NEED MORE ROADS. (An endless cycle...)

    The taxes and fees (& tolls) will stay long after their original purpose has been fulfilled. Need proof? Look at the "temporary increase" in the state sales tax that they're proposing to make permanent... (All this while simultaneously allowing an upper income tax on those making more than $200,000 to expire.. This tax probably includes most of the GA members.)

  • southernpride404 Jul 27, 2007

    Are ya'll tired of it yet? Voices were heard nationwide in the last election so now how about we do it here and get these scumbags out.

    Go ahead our wonderful lawmakers, take my money. I don't really need it to pay rent or car payments or insurance while you live in your million dollar homes.

  • doodad Jul 27, 2007

    Nancy, I guess you don't travel many country roads.

  • ranquick Jul 27, 2007

    I maketh they will never end, why not be fair and tax everyone and every company a Flat Rate Tax. Sen Jenkins you need to get a grip, this is WRONG to have to pay the increases then have to pay to drive on the toll roads. When will I get my money back after the Roads have paid for themselves, Never. Just another way to milk people of their hard earned moeny

  • Nancy Jul 27, 2007

    Turnpike420, thank you for the link, people, take a moment and go read please?

  • Nancy Jul 27, 2007

    "Does this mean that this tax is imposed on all drivers in NC to help build roads in the Triangle? If so, this is BS. Not to ruffle anyone's feathers in Wake County but take a look at what you might not know: Property Tax Rates per $100; Cumberland $83/Johnston & Wayne $79 (may have increased) Sampson (the boonies and we are expecting an increase) $69- WAKE COUNTY PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY PAY $63/100!!! Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing about no money for schools or roads in Wake County!"

    I'm sure you meant $0.63/100, but in any case, if you read the story, the toll money would be used all over the state for other road projects.

    "Money would go to several toll projects, including $18 million for the proposed Triangle Expressway to connect the Durham Freeway with Interstate 540 in western Wake County, and would be divided among the state's highway districts, he said."

  • turnpike420 Jul 27, 2007

    Alright, the NC General Assembly is smokin crack if they let this happen, I mean really. Increased taxes to pay for TOLL roads?? Another person I saw post is right, "you get what you tolerate". If they think it is acceptable to raise taxes to create money to build a toll road, they are crazy. That doesn't even make sense. If we are going to have toll roads, that's how they are paid for, by the tolls. Now someone else claimed "all of NC will be paying for Triangle roads". NO, the NC Turnpike Authority has toll road proposals from Charlotte to the coast, the Triangle is getting attention because they want 540 to be the first. - help fight tolling, start by saying NO to tolls on 540. Online petition link available, please sign. Depending on the outcome of the NC GA's budget, the site could be up for a major overhaul. Many of you have requested this of our org and it will probably happen. :)

  • elli Jul 27, 2007

    Double taxing is bad but letting North Raleigh ride i-540 toll free is unfair and making Cary/Apex/Holly Springs pay up is even worse. What's good for one is good for the other.
    Do away with the toll roads and raise the highway tax to everyone is Wake so all areas can have nice 4 lane highways.... fair is fair.