Troopers Say Empty Cruisers on Roadside Send Right Message

Posted May 29, 2007

— The state Highway Patrol claims its "empty" patrol car program is working.

Last week, state troopers placed un-manned patrol cars along highways across the state. The idea is to slow down drivers to avoid crashes and fatalities.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, there were 31 empty cars in the 14 counties in and around the Triangle.

Some drivers said they have already memorized some empty car locations, but the Highway Patrol said they will not know for sure whether there is a trooper inside the vehicle.


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  • dweezil98 May 31, 2007

    First, make it PAINFUL for people to be stupid behind the wheel:
    Increase the fine. $150 is squat in a bucket, and make it exponentially more painful for repeat offenders (here is the ACTUAL FINE SCHEDULE for speeding from another state that rates far higher than NC for overall safe roads):
    1st Offense: $500
    2nd Offense: $1500
    3rd Offense: $5000 and 30 days in jail

    The next thing that needs to happen is to make it harder to get out of tickets. Thave average price for a traffic lawyer is $300, and the offender gets off scott free. Anyone remember the story about the lady who got out of her tickets 8 times, even when she KILLED someone?

    It's bad enough people speed in vehicles not designed for high speeds, people driving SUVs like they are sportscars, but many are yapping on cell phones, run stop lights, and even coming off the interstate where I work, they disregard the stop sign (no wonder there's at least 3 accidents per day there!!).

    Its time we cracked down HARD!

  • ladyblue May 30, 2007

    Mr Patrolman: I laughed and made fun of your empty police car but I must apologize and eat my words. Coming back fr om vacation I was so alert as to keeping my speed in control but as I came off #40 into 70 at clayton I hadn't broken my speed down and when I saw I car I was ready to just pull over and bless the lord I got a second chance. YOur car was empty but I watched that pedal the rest of the way home. Thank you for deterring me, it truly worked..

  • nosouthernershere May 30, 2007

    what message do the 6 empty trooper cars at the elks lodge in Cary send every day, when they are supposed to be patrolling.

  • arta82 May 30, 2007

    WOW! city COPS have been doing the same thing for years!! ,,,,i know NC has a shortage of SP, but where are the ones they do have? i forgot, they only come out when theres a NCHP, "Campaign" going on! such as pick up all the DUI's you can, lets pull over everybody on the beltline this weekend, or lets go out and patrol sections of I-540 so no more teenagers will get killed! if its not a "Campaign" then the highway Patrol isn't anywhere to be seen. maybe harassing others or something like that. they do have a lot of "young' punks as troopers nowadays, without adult supervision with them. why aren't they in Iraq or Afganistan letting out some of their young frustration? oh well, it never changes in NC, i think its management thing, there isn't anybody managing! can't wit till football season, all of the Highway Patrol will be at the Carolina and State games, you can count on that

  • the alliance May 30, 2007

    I feel it was harrassing drivers.

  • NCTeacher May 30, 2007

    Fair Tax Now- That is pretty funny

    We saw several on the way to the beach this weekend just waiting for someone to vandalize them so our taxes can pay to fix it

  • knelsud92 May 30, 2007

    love my boys,

    It is appalling that people like you truly believe that the police are there to protect people from themselves. I don't need a cop "protecting me from myself" at a checkpoint when I have chosen of my own free will to buckle my seat belt.

    Police, with supposedly limited resources, are being tasked with too much government feel-good protecting people from themselves under the guise of "saving lives", while they aren't protecting people from criminals.

    The problem with most police officers is that they don't use the brain God gave them, and are too focused on "following orders" that they have forgotten what common sense is all about. This is scary. Cops used to be able to use discretion when it came to whether or not to charge someone. Nowadays, any little "offense" is a mandatory ticket, arrest, etc. And you wonder why there is so much hostility towards police?

  • Fair Tax Now May 29, 2007

    I passed one of these cars coming out of the mountains today, someone had taken all the tires.

  • imrickjamesbitch May 29, 2007

    I wonder if they left the motor running while they sit there...... they usually do everywhere else.

  • imrickjamesbitch May 29, 2007

    Djofraleigh: They wouldn't stop with the bar codes, there would be cameras everywhere, and big brother watching and listening. Besides, you could just cover the barcodes up. Seriously, it sounds like you would be happier on a horse or bicycle.