State Motor Fleet Not Affected by Rising Gas Prices

Posted May 22, 2007

— The Highway Patrol is way over its yearly fuel budget, but the rest of the state's motor fleet is faring pretty well.

The state does not pay gas taxes because that would be taxing itself. Currently, that cuts 47 cents off every gallon of gas. It addition, the state's Motor Fleet Management buys fuel in bulk, keeping the price five cents above wholesale. 

After price hikes due to Hurricane Katrina, Gov. Mike Easley ordered all agencies to cut back, car pool and buy more efficient cars.

John Massey, director of the state's Motor Fleet Management, said the agency is within its fuel budget, but more months of higher prices could lead to change.


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  • North East Raleigh May 23, 2007

    Between the rising costs of fuel,increase in proprty taxes( about to happen) and toll roads( a real possibility), I don't think it will pay to have a job or go to school. Maybe I can work for the state and get a vehicle and fuel free of charge. Your tax dollars at work.

  • Deep thoughts May 23, 2007

    Well isn't it nice to know that the State isn't affected by the rising gas prices. Perhaps that is why none of our Congressmen, Senators or any other elected officials is going to bat for the rest of us. Today is the last day of school for my children and I will not be buying another gallon of gas until August 27th when school starts up again. We will be spending the summer at home. My husband will drive my vehicle because it has better gas mileage and he will pick up groceries on the way home from work. The Oil Companies will not be making any record profits from me, the State will not make any gas or sales tax from me and summer tourism will not see my dollars. I refuse to be raped by the system when I don't have to be.

  • bonnnie May 22, 2007

    Plain and simple gas prices suck for everyone! Especially the working class!

  • ImJustSayin May 22, 2007

    Next time you pull up to the pumps, pay attention to the tag on the pump that shows the taxes paid, by state, in the region. NC blows them all away! GA and VA are some of the lowest. And they want to start up toll roads...

  • colliefan May 22, 2007

    Currently, that cuts 47 cents off every gallon of gas\

    And people complain about the oil companies making a ten cent per gallon profit!! How much goes to the Feds?

  • missdawg May 22, 2007

    coxkl -at- soc -dot- mil, I couldn't agree with you more. I also drive the same distance round-trip every day, and it is getting very expensive very quick. The double taxation thing bothers me a lot. I could definitely use a tax break, but as long as our government continues to waste our money and then claim that they need more, it'll never happen.

  • coxkl May 22, 2007

    $.47 per gallon. I'm obligated to drive 75-80 miles round trip every workday. Why can't I get a tax beak too? The State isn't taxed because it would be taxing itself.... there seems to be no bother that the consumer is taxed on income then taxed again on products purchased. Does the possibilty exist to where the citizen can declare themself a state and not get taxed or is this back to secession?

  • shine May 22, 2007

    They are in their fuel budget? Bull. They were taking the 46 off all along - maybe with it being this close to the school year ending it feels more comfortable.
    I would like to know EXACTLY what they consider in their budget?

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy May 22, 2007

    I love to hear the people that talk about low property taxes.....they get the money from OTHER a GAS tax!

    You guys just keep electing the same people, and we'll just keep getting robbed!

  • justanothercomment May 22, 2007

    Tax on a gallon of Gas is 47 cents per gallon?! And the way it is currently calculated it will only rise higher with our current trend of high prices. And we STILL need toll roads! This seriously is enough to make me scream.