3 Construction Projects to Tie Up I-40 Traffic

Posted April 20, 2007
Updated April 22, 2007

— Interstate 40 driving over the weekend will try the patience of most motorists.

In addition to the continuing project to repave 10 miles in Durham County between U.S. Highway 15/501 and the Durham Freeway, where a botched widening job two years ago caused the pavement to fail, two other construction projects are in the works on I-40 in the Triangle.

State Department of Transportation crews closed one eastbound lane between Page Road and Airport Boulevard Friday night, and they plan to close a second lane along that stretch Saturday. The lane closures will give crews some working room for repaving to ease the flow of traffic off Interstate 540.

"That lane will become a distributor lane, which would be continuous from I-540 all the way down to Airport Boulevard," DOT engineer David Byrd said.

Crews are scheduled to begin paving Saturday morning so they can finish before the Monday morning rush hour.

The DOT also closed the outside lane of I-40 East between exits 306 and 312 at the Wake-Johnston county line Friday night to work on the Clayton Bypass. The closure wrapped up Saturday afternoon.

Drivers weren't pleased with the prospect of three traffic delays on I-40.

"I'm sure there's a good point to what they're doing. I just haven't seen it yet," driver Eric Miller said.

"You come in the morning, in the afternoon you leave. It's all backed up. It seems they can't get it together," driver Frederick Smith said.

But driver Gordon Hannah said he doesn't mind the price for progress.

"It's going to be inconvenient for them now, but it's going to be convenient for them later," Hannah said.


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  • ninenine99 Apr 21, 2007

    TheCommentor: Who's paying for these I-40 screw-ups? Last I checked, WE are.

  • muertavaca Apr 21, 2007

    hey, here's an idea: If its not an absolute necessity to drive, don't drive this weekend. A large majority of us do not work on the weekend, so this shouldn't cause a huge problem......

  • usnn Apr 21, 2007

    Just like Lenovo, cut the workforce to save money. DOt, cut 10% of your workforce and use the savings to fund roads.

  • YeahWhatever Apr 21, 2007

    Hehe. Ninenine, you make me chuckle. I will agree that incompetency spans all ideologies, sadly for you, that includes libertarians. Let's just say that private industry has never shown that it's better than the gov at anything other than making money.

    Having worked for large companies and the government, I'd give an edge to government for more efficient operations. Companies can always charge their customers more (to a point) to cover up their screwups. Insurance is a great example of that. Let's raise rates because our investment portfolio isn't doing so well!

    Taxes are so politically sensitive now, that often the only real option is to tighten belts in a government op.

    Once a bureaucracy develops, whether public or private, it's inherently going to generate massive amounts of paperwork and hoops just to justify it's existence. That'd be one of the reasons the military is paying 5x what it used to for food. Private contractors are *not* more efficient by default.

  • ninenine99 Apr 21, 2007

    bigjim: You must've been asleep for your entire life. Incompetence spans all ideologies in government. That's why smart people vote Libertarian.

  • Happy Hiker Apr 21, 2007

    Yeah, it's all the fault of those darn liberals!

  • walkermr Apr 21, 2007

    Please learn to spell. You make yourself look like an idiot.

  • bigjim835 Apr 21, 2007

    These land closeings while they might be need is just another example of the sloppy work generated by the DOT. There is no excuse for the sloppy work. It is just another example of a large goverment agency runing amoke. The sloppy work is a direct example of the leadership provide for DOT employees in that Mike Weasley appointed Lendo Tippett, who has no experience builiding roads, Secretary only because he contributed a large amount of money to Weasley. Probably unlawfully. Just another example of a liberal democrats view of how to run a government agency.